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by K.HBey
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Bob still gets nightmares about that day.
KHEY/The stuck memory

"Bob don't you think it is a good idea to visit your childhood home?"; Susan says.
"What? My home?"; He replies frowning his eyebrows.
"See Bob; each night you have the same nightmare. One image is still stuck in your spirit; the previous demolition of your home "; Susan says caressing his cheek.
" I cannot forget that cursed day. Ho! My dear little sister Lisa passed away when the house collapsed because of the Hurricane "; he says alarmed with trembling voice and he becomes numb and sweat moistens his entire body. It seems as if it were yesterday.
"Be cool! Bob; it's the past"; she says hugging him smoothly..

"My love; you should go again there to make end to that day. Otherwise you will remain stuck to your past. I want to live and savor life entirely with you. There is something that still disturbs you and prevents you from advancing and living in peace"; She says.
He hugs her and says; "You are right. I should confront this alone.Tomorrow I will go there"; Bob says.
"I will come with you. You cannot bear this alone"; Susan says.
"I should do the mourning alone. I need to be alone there"; Bob says.

"Following the known paths of his house that he left twenty years ago; Bob arrives and with short breath he says when tears flee afloat his eyes ; "Ho! Lisa's doll is here? Ho! this is her phone toy near the brick? " .
Lisa was ten and she was in the attic protected and now he amazingly still hears her voice calling; "Bob! Bob!" This is the same voice he hears in his daily nightmare.
"Lisa! where are you?" He turns back where everything is only ruins.
Bob launches a last look on the area and he goes without looking back again.
Being home again he says; "Susan, my dear; where are you? I love you so much. I feel that something heavy was on my back and left forever".

KHBEY/The stuck memory/02/21/2021/300 words
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