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by Mac
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2244842
Vivi, decides to hypnotize herself to do whatever it takes to save her kingdom.
Nefertari Vivi was in quite a bind. She had discovered that a group, which called itself Baroque Works was trying to take over the Kingdom of Alabaster, or which she was its princess.

She was truly at a lost of what to do. While she was considered by many within the palace to be quite a tomboy, the truth was that she was still just a princess at heart, and had no idea of how to save her kingdom. She had told her father about the whispers she had heard concerning the group and he had taken her quite seriously and began an investigation himself with his advisors. After that, he asked his daughter to stay out of it, for fear of her getting hurt.

She was laying on her bed in her royal chamber and stared at herself in the mirror trying to decide what to do next. She loved her country, her father, and the citizens, and she wanted to help them. She sat up and tapped her head trying to come up with an idea when one of her taps was a bit hard and made her feel a little woozy.

She shook her head to get the cobwebs out of her brain and realized she felt a little confused. This triggered a memory in her mind. When she had been eight she had gone through a phase where she wanted to be a dancer like the dancers that would come in to entertain her father and his guest. Knowing this and spoiling his daughter he hired a dancer to be Vivi's very own dance tutor.

For the next two years Vivi studied with her till she nearly mastered all she could. Her tutor whose job was almost over, and having grown to adore her pupil decided to pass down a forbidden dance that she knew, the Miawku no Meimai Dance. This dance gave whoever danced it the ability to control the person who watched it. Vivi honestly forgot how she learned the dance, but her teacher said she was wonderful at it, and told her to use it if there was an emergency.

The kingdom being in danger seemed like an emergency so Vivi decided this was the time to use the dance, but she did not know who to use it on. She knew no members of this Baroque Works, and even if she did, she doubted she would have the courage to use the dance, after all, it was brain washing, and Vivi did not like the sound of that.

"I don't like the sound of that", she paused, then continued, "now", she said to herself. Then sighed, staring at herself in her mirror. She walked over to a Transponder Snail on a desk near her bed, then clicked a button on top of it. She waited about a minute to allow the dance to take hold, then she started to speak into the Snail, remembering the incantation to say.

"Watch the spirals. They guide you. The spirals are all that exist. You have to watch the spirals. They are your everything. I am leading you by leading the spirals. You love the spirals, thus you love me. Your love of me means you will obey me. Now if you understand all of that, nod your head and say you agree with me." Vivi paused and allowed a bit of time to pass, then gave the commands she wanted herself to follow.

She finished her recording and put the Snail down. She breathed out heavily and listened to the recording, timing what she felt her reactions would be multiple times. Her heart was beating fast at this point, she was anxious, she was going to try to hypnotize herself. If she messed this up she could become a vegetable, dumb, or even evil, she didn't know what would happen. She however never did question that it would work, she knew it would, a faith put in to her when she learned how to do the dance.

She then walked over to her closet and pulled out a dress she had made in secret, even her father did not know it. It was a shirt with two straps and on each of her boobs, and over her stomach was a spiral, She would be using this shirt, that she somehow knew how to design, along with the incantation to go under. She put it on and stared at herself in her mirror, it made her look sexy, and for some reason, it made her eyes look more dangerous.

She locked her door and walked over to the snail, getting ready to start it. She looked at herself in the mirror, then turned on the snail. She got in to position in front of the mirror and started to dance.

It was a simple dance, she would shake her butt from side to side while putting in small circular motions with her body. She started slowly, then started to speed up, it was at this point that the incantation started.

"Watch the spirals", it said, and Vivi obeyed concentrating on her shirt.

"They guide you", Vivi started to follow the spirals, causing her motions to become faster, bringing her further in.

"The spirals are all that exist", suddenly all Vivi could see was herself in the mirror, the outside world had completely disappeared.

"You have to watch the spirals", Vivi's eyes focused harder, she had to watch the spirals, she herself finished, all that was left was the shirt.

"They are your everything", Vivi focused even harder, the shirt disappeared, all that remained was the spirals.

"I am leading you by leading the spirals." Vivi had no reason to doubt the voice, she was following the spirals, and they were leading her.

"You love the spirals, thus you love me." It was true, Vivi loved the spirals, they were her everything, and this voice, led the spirals, thus she loved it as well.

"Your love of me means you will obey me." Vivi smiled, she loved this voice, and would do whatever it said.

"Now if you understand all of that, nod your head and say you agree with me." The voice said and Vivi nodded her head.

"I agree", Vivi said to the voice. She sat there in the trance for a few moments, continuing the dance, before the voice started back up.

"You will repeat after me", the voice said.

"I will repeat after you." Vivi responded back.

"Anything you say is true", the voice said.

"Anything I say is true", Vivi responded back.

"You want to stop Baroque Works", the voice said.

"I want to stop Baroque Works", Vivi replied.

"You will do whatever you can to stop Baroque Works", the voice said.

"I will do whatever I can to stop Baroque Works", Vivi replied.

"You will not feel guilty for what you have to do", the voice said.

"I will not feel guilty for what I have to do", Vivi replied.

"You will do whatever it takes", the voice said.

"I will do whatever it takes", Vivi replied.

"You will now stop repeating me and slowly come out of this trance. When I count to 5 you will wake up and remember what you have done.

1, starting to wake.

2, becoming more awake.

3, opening you eyes.

4, almost wide awake.

5, awake."

Vivi started to blink then smiled. The dance had been a success and she had a new feeling in her heart, one of determination, that she would do whatever it took to take down the Baroque Works. She knew she would need help to do it, someone who was loyal to her and would not blab to her father. She considered who till she saw herself in the mirror. Why did she need to decide who to choose, anyone would do it as long as she had this dance.

She then smiled to herself and chuckled. She put on a coat to cover her shirt with the spirals and went outside running into a maid of the palace.

"Excuse me", Vivi said to the maid, "have you seen Ingram anywhere, I wish to talk to him in my chamber."
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