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by Luna
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2244848
A group of superheroes must work together to stop the world from entering a war
The creators
By: Myranda Lucas
*Midnight-guardian of darkness
Sunshine-guardian of light
*Adri-guardian of water
Lele - guardian of lighting
Snow-guardian of ice
Solar-guardian of energy

Blossom-guardian of earth
Crystal -guardian of thunder
Leah-guardian of wind
Luna-creator of darkness
Aqua-creator of water
*Moonlight-creator of ice
Lily -creator of energy
Maya-creator of earth
Aaron-creator of thunder
Celestia- creator of light
Aura - creator of wind
Elder creators

Lara-elder creator of darkness
Persephone-elder creator of earth
Bolt-elder creator of lighting
Alexis-elder creator of thunder
Apollo-elder creator of light

Extra cast

Lari -luna's daughter
Arianna-Aarons little sister
Sofia -Aarons daughter

Lilith-corrupted element of darkness
Ellie-corrupted element of water
Bolt-corrupted element thunder
Ella -corrupted element of earth
Flair-corrupted element of light

Intro into the story
Dear reader, thank you for reading my story. It is an inspiration to write for you. All my story first starts out as a script of my Instagram and youtube channel but then I decided why don't I type it up for the whole world to see? So here you go I decided to list the characters first so you know what they do the guardians protect the creators, the creators are superheroes and offsprings of the most powerful beings in the world elder creators, the elder creators created the world and made generations to take over Lara eclipse is the two thousand and eleventh leader of the elder creator she's also a mother Quadrupeds:Luna,Celestial,Aqua and Aura mother, luna is the leader of the creators who reside on earth and can teleport back and forth to their kingdoms and the corrupted elements are the bad guys, the ones who started a war and killed off the first 2 generations of elder creators now to the story you have all been waiting for so grab a cool drink, sit back and relax and enjoy the fictional story I have created for you :)

*kids chattering*

Mrs.sariyah: Good morning class

Class: good morning Mrs.Sariyah

Mrs.Sariyah : Now before we start our lesson can anyone tell me what today is?
*all the students raised their hand*
Ms.Sariyah: yes Iyanna s
Iyanna: its creators day miss
*all the kids start laughing*
Lucas: It's Tuesday even my baby sister knows that Jasmine:*blurted out* At least she gets all A's and she's not failing.
Mrs.Sariyah: all right class settled down and Iyanna was actually right today is creator's day,
Sarah: *yelled* How did the geek nerd and her geek friend get the answer?!
Mrs.Sariyah:THAT'S ENOUGH?!?! I WILL NOT tolerate that behavior in my classroom one more outburst from you young lady its a referral and you'll be kicked off the cheer squad, understand? Sarah: ugh whatever
Mrs.Sariyah *sigh* back to the lesson now like I was saying before class was rudely interrupted today is a holiday known as creators day
*Lila raises her hand*
Sariyah: yes lila?
Lila: If creator's day is a holiday, how come it's not on the calendar?
Sariyah: that's actually a good question lila the answer is simple not a lot of people know about the creators some don't even believe in them which why were going to be learning all about them today!!
Sariyah:Yep!! So gather around the run while i go get the book
*the kids gathered around on the carpet as sariyah went to get the book*
Aiden:Telling them about the creators?
Aiden:are you sure you wanna tell them i have no problem doing it
Sariyah: i can handle it you can accompany me if you'd like
Aiden:Ok...are you sure you don't want me to know that book was written by the who sees so everythings in the book including...
Sariyah:I'll be fine things changed lets just hope i don't slip us like i did last time
Aiden:ok then
Sariyah:Ah! Here it is let's go
*they go back into the classroom*
Saryiah:Ok class Mr.Aiden will be join us for story time
Most of the students:OoOo
Sariyah:*Giggles* are you guys ready
Class:Yes Miss
Sariyah:Ok then...Long long ago 8 of the most powerful beings known as the elder creators came together to make earth (each represented an element water,earth,nature,light,dark and wind) as they got older they noticed that the world was getting harder and harder to maintain so they decided to create offsprings and guardians to protect them and sent then to earth generation after generation creators tuned into elder creators and started the whole process again one generation lilith the creator of darkness wanted to overthrow the elders she tried talking her team into helping her but they just laughed and disagreed with her until one day she was consumed by the bitterness and anger and became corrupted she used her powers to corrupt her teammates and started a great war the war lasted 7 months and countless lives were taken until the elders were able to use there powers to seal her and her teammates away but little did they know that the seal wouldn't last they used the last of their powers to make a new generation as they faded away but not before saying this proficy on the 2,201th generation lilith shall break out of her imprisonment and start one final war
*lilith's eyes open*
Luna:*wakes up gasping*
*Aaron,Tia and Sunshine Come rushing it*
Sunshine:Is everything ok?
Luna:I'm fine no need to be alarmed i just has a bad dream
Aaron:You mean a nightmare
Luna:Do you want me to show you a nightmare
Aaron:No i'm good
Tia:Where's Midnight
Night:I'm right here
Tia:I meant lunas guardian Midnight
Luna:Oh i gave her the night off
Tia:You do know failure to guard a creator results in death or worse
Luna:Who's Snitching?
Tia:Luna i-
Luna:Who's the leader of this group?
Tia:Excuse me?
Luna:Who's in charge of this group?
Tia:You but-
Luna:No buts this is my team which means you follow my rules and whatever i say goes so if i gave midnight the day off she has the day off no questions asked understood?
Luna:Good you all are dismissed
*they all leave*
Night:Wow you told her whos boss
Luna:*sighs* Night i'm not in the mood
Night:Just saying....do you really think she's awake?
Luna:No idea but i don't want to bring panic to the team so let's keep this between the two of us
Luna:*looked a little weak and growned*
Night:Are you ok lu?
Luna:Yeah just a headache i'm fine
Luna:I'm going to the kitchen, want anything?
Night:We're the same person lu

Luna:So cookies?
Luna:*Went in the fridge and got some cookies*
Midnight:Can't sleep?
Luna:*startled a bit* Midnight? You scared me. I thought you went to go honor your parents what happened?
Midnight:N-nothing I just decided to stay here...i just feel guilty for not visiting them that week. I feel like I could have stopped it if i was there you know?
Luna:Yeah..why didn't you go?
Luna:Why didn't you go visit your parents that week i said you could go
Midnight: i-i changed my mind
Luna:Is there something you're not telling me?
Luna:i've known you since third grade
Midnight:It's nothing really
Luna:Third grade
Midnight:It's nothing really
Luna:so your gonna tell me
Midnight:Tell you what there's nothing to tell
Luna:We can do this the easy way or the hard way
Midnight:Do what? I don't understand what we're doing
Luna:i guess we have to do this the hard way then*Kicks midnight down and sits on top of her*
Midnight:What are you doing?
Luna:Oh nothing i'm simply just gonna go through your mind and find out what really happened
Midnight:What luna don't-
Midnight:Packing her bags and was about to leave*
Tia:*Walks into the living room*
Midnight:oh hello Celestia
Tia: That's creator or Princess to you
Midnight: Oh I'm sorry-
Midnight:*Bows* I'm sorry Princess Celestia

Tia:*rolls her eyes*Whatever*Notices her bags*Where are you going?
Midnight:Oh i'm going to see my parents
Tia:No your not!!
MIdnight:Why did luna change her mind?
Tia:No,I said your not going so your not going
Midnight:You're not the boss of me luna is and if she says i could go i'm going
Tia:*Slaps her* I said you're not going so you're not going you do know failure to protect a creator results in death right?
Midnight:I'm going tell luna about your behavior you have no right to hit or threaten me
Tia:Heh you have no idea who your messing It your word against mine and since i'm a creator there immediately gonna go with my word beside you don't want anything to happen to your parents..do you?


Tia:No who?

Midnight:No Princess Celestial...

Tia:*Has a evil grin on* Good...

*Tia walks to the door and stops*


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