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by Linz
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2244879
A trio of scientists have been sent toMars in search of alien life.
Breaking News! Life has been spotted on Mars.
A team of Scientists, including biologist and geologists are due to take off on an expedition to the Red Planet to study the life forms in more detail. Although the it is expected that the life forms will be simple, micro-organism, their existence on Mars raises hope for more intelligent life on other planets. We'll bring you more information as it comes in."

Two years had passed since that broadcast, and finally the team of scientists waa about to touch down on the dusty, rustic coloured surface.
"What do you think we'll find down there?" asked Jeff, brimming with excitement.
Barry shrugged. "Don't get your hopes up. They'll be single celled organisms like bacteria or something back on Earth."
"Let's just get this over with, collect the samples and get back home," said Terry.
"Spoil sports!" Jeff huffed.

The Mars Explorer Rover Module touched down, bounced back up twenty feet into the thin atmosphere and landed again with a soft jolt. The party of three donned their space suits and climbed down the steps. The Red Planet looked no different to the images sent back by the unmanned probes. It was a rusty, barren desert.

The team fanned out and went to their own designated sites. They'd been scraping for an hour when Jeff became aware that she was sitting in a shadow that hadn't been there before. he looked up, expecting to see one of the others standing over him probably with a grin on their face. He saw three legs. They were long - longer than either Terry's or Barry's, and thinner than any of them. He allowed his gaze to continue upwards until he found himself staring into five oval-shaped eyes some twenty feet high.
"Argh!" He fell backwards and scurried away as fast as she could. "Terry Barry!" He screamed.
"Found something?" Replied Barry.
"You could say that! Could say it found me!"
"Get over here!"

The alien continued to observe him, cocking its cylindrical head from side to side. "Hu-man! Go home!" It bellowed.
Jeff rose to his feet and continued to step backwards until he collided with Barry.
"What the...?"
"Is that. . .?
"Uh huh!"
"What the. . .?"
"Cool!" Terry grinned, as she came to a stop beside Jeff. "This expedition just got a whole lot more interesting."

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