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by ghost
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Am I a guest or birthday girl?

long time so see

hey guys ghost here sorry for not really being on and posting. I've been busy for a while helping my friends, personal things and life. I hope you all can forgive me. now on to what's in writing.

hey so I just had a birthday. I'm one year older and this year was slightly different from last year. last year my family called me at 12 am to tell me happy birthday but this year they didn't. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt a little bit when it did. I was looking forward to it. I stayed up until then anticipating it but it didn't happen. My husband was the first one to wish me happy birthday and he called multiple people including my sisters, who forgot like the most years, but they remember my birthday twins was celebrating her birthday that's a good thing a guess for her. She threw a little get together with close friends and family. I had fun but I really felt like a guest at the kickback instead of one of the birthday girls. I was asked to pass forks to people while they were getting food, not too many people knew it was my birthday as well. I understand that I was taking pictures but that's what I wanted to do I enjoy taking pictures but I think my weakness is my kindness. My birthday twin gave her speech. In her speech she said she wasn't to only birthday girl there, which I am thankful for, but I Kinda feel like they were all there for her because she planned it and invited everyone but all in all I enjoyed myself even if I had to make my presence known a bit. I'm wondering if my feelings a valid or not at this moment? Am I disappearing again? Is my opinion not needed?

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