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It aint no political debate, abortion is a real time crisis.

There go a saying: "if yall throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelped loudest is the one that got hit."
There go folks that get fired up about these topics, and I aim to be polite whether folks is or aint.
But I aint one of those conservatives that tuck tail and get pushed around, and Im p*ssed at those who are.
*Added disclaimer: If yall done had an abortion, this aint to condemn folks. Im more concerned with preventing the act of,
and putting back together women who done had one. Jesus dont love yall no different, and neither do I...

Welcome to America.

-"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."
Jer 1:5 KJV

-"Thank You for making me so wonderfully! Your workmanship is marvelous- how well I know it."
Ps 139: 14

The only time abortion would clear with me, is if the direct life of the mother is in danger due to the pregnancy or in giving birth.

Some choose to believe they came from nothing, and ain't want to acknowledge being created by a loving God. Believing this is the core of having no value on theirs, or any life.

It's a twisted thought to acknowledge the conscience warning of murder against a being outside of a womb, but completely ignore it with a being inside of a womb-

As if murdering a fully developed human is inexcusable, but murdering an underdeveloped one IS. Folks also got an opinion a "fetus" aint no human being...What yall think YALL was? Its asinine to think women would get impregnated with a full blown adult...Youd die at conception. That line was written to be onery, but STILL. Lying about reasons to abort a life dont make it no better- Even a blind hog can find an acorn once in awhile...The more these lies go on, the more folks conscience get seared and accepts the lies:

-Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.
1 Tim 4:2 KJV

Nobody ever studies it from this angle: We celebrate life liberally on the outside- We say "carpe diem" in greetings, tell young men "the world is theirs," and encourage young girls "they can be anything they want to be", while some celebrate cutting these same lives short. Yea, I could give yall statistics and trimesters- even tell yall WHEN the heart begins to beat, but the hardened heart of many would reject these facts as easily as pie, and would defend the reasons this practice is justifiable. Besides, that aint my style. Im well versed in statistics- I couldve uploaded images and the whole nine, but what rattles cages is ONE thing...One thing, that done made me name my newspaper after: Its SOMETHING about being DIRECT, and holding folks accountable for their own actions folks HATE...
Thats why I do it.
It gets under folks skin when nothing else will. There aint nowere to run.

Have we done wandered so far from the Divine, that murder itself is just another act on humans we are desensitized to? To a degree- most at some point cringe at violent acts against each other, and the only reason that takes place, is cause there's a chance the victim can defend themselves...

What a dang awful scale-
Nobody second guesses a shooting or stabbing, its natural-
But an execution, an execution, causes folks to turn heads away.

Ain't that something when we determine WHICH executions are heinous...
Yall aint got the stones to watch somebody getting g*nned down in an execution firing squad, nor hold some ladies hand during an abortion...
Yall know why? Guilt. It makes folks feel involved in the act- but folks quicker than a sneeze through a screen door, gone go and make signs and protest for pro choice.

Half of yall aint support it no way:

-For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.
John 12:43

Yall want to seem like good "tolerant" folks right? Or whatever the h*ll the d*mn excuse is to get bullied by the majority.
If folks support abortion so good, how come some got kids? Debating me aint ever a wise thing in these things, cause I corner folks like a
goldfish in fishbowl with one question when they go supporting pro choice with the nerve of being a parent:

I ask why aint they get no abortion?
Then, I nail them down like carpet and tell them:
Cause you aint want to k*ll your kid...

Supporting abortion is bad parenting- and its funny how the same folks who aint believe in spanking kids, would k*ll one.

If that aint broke yalls hearts try considering the broken heart of a mother who carries a child inside of her, and decides one day she aint want to be one with it nomore, like a rushed Hollywood divorce. But Hollywood is the norm for some. A bunch of folks who pretend to be something else for a living, telling folks how to live in real life. They just say half that sh*t for Twitter anyways.They aint care about yall the first, and if they did, theyd promote stable ideas and views. This is a game to them...

Some dogs bark behind fences until the gate opens; these same folks aint gone put yall back together, hon-they aint fixing to reassemble women after they done been shattered by emotion pain and a regret that haunts the back of their mind forever.

Yall see, its easy for a coward to act like they care about people with human compassion, but aint many folks bold enough to love people with Godly compassion...

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.
Matt 24:12 NASB

While some follow a political debate, I follow a calling.

And as ugly as this world is, it aint give me the power to deny nobodies entrance into it- "saving" somebody from this makes me selfish because of my own fear, cause I aint give somebody a chance...Life is precious and powerful enough to change an ugly world. These are powers no human has, and the actual one that grants life at conception dont even do it...Dont ever believe God "took a child," or "the Lord gives and takes away"...We live in a fallen world, the thief that comes to k*ll, steal, and destroy (John 10:10,) and JOB made that comment about God "taking away" when it was Satan who was behind it all- It also aint help that Job aint know God at all...Read the story, Job later ADMITS he didnt.

The truth of the matter concerning the diabolical act of r*pe and inc*st, is the percentage of pregnancy during these evil crimes is small. If it were up to me, r*pists would get castrated, but the sad occurrences of false rape accusations exist.

-Illegal abortions:
Folks often say without making abortion legal, folks gone have abortions illegally. Folks gone attempt it anyway. There go some hair brained attempts out there. Including, everywere in the world ain't as prosperous as America. Theres places with NO kind of health care- this goes on. As bad as this is, it aint no green light to make it okay in places that DO got means of decent healthcare.

There go scarce as rain bucket times when aint no other option.

-Abstinence: This is one hundred percent effective. It also is best for healthy dating.

This aint one hundred percent effective, just to let folks know. Its crazy that the same place folks go to GET an abortion gives protection for FREE.

Theres millions of folks who would LOVE to have a kid, but cant. Its even a thing were folks done tried to STEAL kids out of desperation (dont take this out of context child abduction is terrible.)
Just think on them...Folks fixing to k*ll something others most at hard up times, would k*ll to get (used as an expression.)

If folks did what they was suppose to do and be discreet about dealings, this aint be a problem. Funny how when God says something,
theres multiple reasons WHY He says it. But folks aint listen, we all know this. But just cause of negligence on decisions made aint no excuse for a horrible act that couldve been avoided to begin with. Parents, raise kids right. One of the major things parents need to teach kids is making wise decisions, quit letting the world, government, narratives, and agendas raise yalls kids.
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