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A grandmother tells a story of her life.
Storied Life

“Gramma, Gramma!” the girls cried as they ran into her arms. After she had hugged them both and covered their rosy faces with kisses, she went over to the special double rocker that had been her mother’s and sat down, gathering in the two children like puppies to her lap.

“I’ve got a story to tell you,” she said.

“What’s it about?” asked Jenni

“Are you a princess in it?” Lisa wondered.

“I certainly felt like one!”

Reaching over to the table at her side, she picked up a photograph.

“This is Grampa and I on our wedding day. I was a war bride, you know.”

“What’s that, Gramma?” Jenni interrupted.

“In World War II, many Canadian soldiers came to England to fight for the Allies. I was born there and that’s where I met Grampa. We got married after a short courtship and when he got sent back home to Canada, I went with him.

“It was a strange country and I missed my family very much. But I loved your Grampa even more and I was very happy with him. For a while, I worked as a maid in a rich family’s house while we built this house, but after I had your Uncle Ben, I stayed home and looked after him.”

“Then came Daddy and Uncle David, right?” Lisa exclaimed as she snuggled in.

“That’s right, but when they got old enough to look after themselves, I worked in a shoe factory with Grampa for some years. Then I was a caterer for a while.”

“Wow, you’ve sure had an interesting life, Gramma!” Jenni said with awe.

“Yes girls, you might even call it a much storied life,” their mother, Leslie told them as she helped them onto the sofa for a nap before lunch.

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