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Adventure 0f 4 companions on a planet named 'Esperrado' at the edge of the Galaxy.

The planet of Esperrado

Invisible enemy

English edition

Vol. 1

Ver. 1

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"The planet of Esperrado"

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Table of contents

Main character for Vol. 1

1: Lyuna Delsyimondo

The Princess of Delsyimondo , 17 years old.

2: Tsuge Mitsuhiko

Also known as "Mitchy", 25 years old. Mysterious young guy who visited Esperrado with his three companions.

3: Allisa Delsyimondo

The Queen of Delsyimondo, Lyuna's stepmother, and Leyon's mother, 43 years old.

4: Leyon Delsyimondo

The Prince of Delsyimondo, Lyuna's younger brother, 14 years old.

5: Teoliam Delsyimondo

The King of Delsyimondo, Lyuna's stepfather, and Leyon's father, 45 years old, the departed.

6: Hanse Delsyimondo

The Prince of Delsyimondo, elder brother of Lyuna and Leyon, 20 years old. The departed.

7: Sirius

One of Mitchy's companions, a super robot in white wolf shape.

8: Deneb

One of Mitchy's companions, a super robot in white cat shape.

9: Friday

One of Mitchy's companions, a universal spaceship with a great AI.

10: Chima Drakmuto

Lyuna's handmaid, 20 years old,

11: Andreas Uleimore

A major of the Imperial Guards, 25 years old, Chima's boyfriend. Also known as "Andy".

12: Christof Sutherlando

Also known as "Chef", Queen's younger brother, 40 years old, working as a chef of a restaurant in Delsyimondo castle.

13: Mjuterian

Creature which lives on the planet of Mjuteria,

one of villains in the story.

Episode1 Mitchy meets Lyuna

On Saturday, March 3, 7235, on the planet of Esperrado,

the time is about 10a.m., under the shade of one of a few tall trees by the Lake Biwa,

Three adventurers are having a chat about where to go, what to do, and how to achieve their plan. They are Mitchy, Deneb and Sirius. They are sitting on the ground surrounding a map.

/* The conversation from here is held in Mitchy's mother tongue. */

Mitchy According to the map, we are here, I think we are in the capital city on this planet.

Deneb points one place on the map.

Deneb This construction seems to be a castle.

Sirius I think so too.

Mitchy Anyway, what we must do first is to get

some money. otherwise, we can't do anything.

Deneb Do you have any idea?

Mitchy I'm just thinking of it.

Sirius Master!

Mitchy What?

Sirius I hear some noise and voices somewhere over there.

Mitchy Really? It's a good chance to get some information of their language.

Deneb! Climb up this tree to that branch and check what is going there.

Deneb Roger.

Deneb climbs up the tree and reaches the lowest branch and look around.

Mitchy What do you see?

Deneb I see two groups of people,

one of them has two young ladies and a boy, the other has ten soldiers. Oh, one more figure!

Wow, there is a mjuterian with soldiers.

It seems soldiers are looking for the other group.

Mitchy What?! Come down Deneb,

we must rush. I think something bad could happen to young ladies and the boy.


Sirius Aye, Master.

Mitchy Make a contact with Friday, send to him

what you hear and ask him to analyze it.

Sirius Aye, Master.

Mitchy Let's go guys, we have to make a quick approach,

as close to them as possible.

Deneb Aye, Master.

Sirius Aye, Master.

They move from bush to bush and reach the solders about 30m away.

/* The conversation from here is held in Esperrado,

Mitchy always wears his universal translator for a while.*/

Two ladies and the boy are surrounded by two soldiers,

other soldiers including the commander are a bit apart from them. One of two ladies shout at them.

Lady-A Who are you? What are you up to?

Soldier-A We are mercenaries hired by the citizens

of Esperrado

who suffer under the King's tyranny.

We are to finish all the imperial family off and return the political power to the citizens. Now we kill all of you.

Lady-A What?

I am Lyuna Delsyimondo, The Princess of Delsyimondo, I never let you kill us.

Soldier-A Hahaha, are you joking?

Princess Lyuna draws her sword and takes a fighting stance.

Solder-B Hahaha, she has a toy sword. Commander Hey guys, we need to get back by 11 a.m.

to the castle

for the execution of the Queen. Finish them off now quickly.

Soldier-A Roger

Soldier-B Roger

Then they draw their sword and come at Princess Lyuna and others. Soldier-A knocks down Princess Lyuna's sword,

she rushes to him, clings to his waist and shouts to others.

Princess Lyuna Run away two of you! Quick! The boy We can't do such a thing, sis! Princess Lyuna Forget about me and run away. Soldier-A Shut up, little girl.

Soldier-A grabs Princess Lyuna's hair and pull her down on the ground and swing up his sword over his head.

About three minutes ago...

Friday Master, I found a library of their language. I will download it to your translator shortly.

Mitchy Thank you Friday,

could you make a simultaneous translation until the download finishes.

Friday Roger

Mitchy Sirius, you defeat that the mjuterian as usual OK?

You know what to do.

Sirius Aye, Master.

Mitchy Deneb, you protect two ladies and the boy.

I'll defeat other soldiers. OK?

Deneb Aye, Master.

Mitchy Let's go!

They start rushing toward solders,

Sirius rushes toward the mjuterian , stops 5m away from him and exhale a pale fire from his mouth to the mjuterian,

he quickly burns up and down in five seconds. After confirming

1: All units used in episodes are substituted to units used on the Earth 2: Date and calendar used in episodes are substituted to English form. 3: Words used in episodes below are Esperrado.

Esperrado is very similar to Esperanto.

    1. Koran dankon Thank you very much.

    1. Sinjoro Mr.

    1. Shinjorino Miss, Mrs.

    1. Saluton Hi, Hello.

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