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I would appreciate any feedback and any criticism on my poem so that I could improve.
}}.4} Kaleidoscope

}The walls are too thin
I can't make a sound
It hurts keeping them in
When they want to fall out

I know that I deserve it
Every bit of it and more
}But why am I still crying
my mind and heart is on the floor
I can't pick them up
And put them back in place

I want to get out of here
But I cannot escape
Not everything is what it seems
You think you know who they are
When they really are just a mystery

Who can I trust
Who should I bring
In my dreams with me
So we could be free
At least in my sleep
I can control reality
The world can revolve around me
And fulfill all my needs
I can trust anyone
And don't have to be skeptical
Because I can see right through them
I can be practical

I must be practical

Am I too blinded with these emotions
When all I do is just stare

I want to punish myself
In a way I deem to be fair
But I might go to hell for it

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