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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2244942
"Her majesty — Is going to be slaughtered-" The White Rabbit said.
💮Hi everyone! I hope you like my story, it's the first one. Thanks.💮

Narrator's POV

Harry Potter was on the ground after Quidditch practice. He suddenly heard a weird noise from the bathroom. He slowly walked into the bathroom and maybe it was Moaning Myrtle. But—

"I- I can't do it! I just can't…" He froze when he recognized the voice inside the bathroom. He had heard it many times before mocking him. But it had never sounded as vulnerable as it did now, never as troubled. He had never heard Eileen Hearts cry.

There she was, her Majesty, the princess of hearts— But instead of being the most popular girl and partying at the moment, she was crying. And her crying would silence the whole castle from what Harry have heard.

Harry had just realized what a fool he was for calling her a fool and an oddity on tuesday morning. He would imagined Ron saying: "Of course she would have heard. She's an oddity for Merlin's sake!"

Yet Harry would not think at that moment she was an oddity. She looked hurt - She looked sad and — She looked
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