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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2244965
This ninja isn’t like others, but more quiet movements..
Chapter 1: The Same Ol’ Ways
Max was training in his house because his boss told him that a illegal activity had been happening at a secret lair address found in a USB Drive.
Now Max always listened to his boss knowing that he was still a rookie ninja still learning the quiet movements. Once Max had refrained to the location that his boss told him it lead him to a garage in a back alleyway Max was kinda nervous but he still pushed. As soon he went in lasers flew everywhere trying to hit Max, Max dodged the bullets because he knew how to dodge he ran threw the bullets and he grabbed the USB drive and made it out safely.

(END)Chapter 2: I Think I’m Ready!
Max was training with his boss after 15 minutes when the training was done his boss had told him that there was a trap-house with dirty 💵, Max ran there as fast as his boss trained him to he saw the building he leaped from tree to tree swinging of lam-posts to get to the building he had broke threw the window causing a very loud *SHATTER* sound. He flung behind a crate but the criminals hadn’t been thinking about it. He crawled up the building walls and threw a knife at the back of the criminal bosses head, causing him a concussion. He had said “Who want to fight next?” Dropping down from the building and attacking all of the criminals he took the USB drive and blew the building up. He made it out safely to his boss the end?
Wait for Ninja Movements 2
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