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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2245058
A prompt-based poem. A girl hunted to possession.

The Chase to Possession

It's over, she has nowhere to run
Trapped into the deep crevasse of nothingness
A snare, an oblivion where light has shunned
Only wasps and bugs illuminate the extreme darkness.

Her breath heaves into crescendo of gasps
Then fades slowly like the ebbing tide.
Teeth clench, hands firmly clasp
Praying to calm herself — in the place she hides.

The evil huntress is coming near
Her putrid smell lingers — of rotten cadavers
Engulfs the place — elevates her fear.
The winged ghoul casts her shrill sardonic laughter.

With her mischief, in place she's found
Her fright defeats her — she can't move to stand
The shrewd huntress halts then turns around
Grabbing her firmly, piercing her hand.

Pristine blood gushes into the luminescent pond,
Stains the crystal water, soaks her silken dress.
The huntress chants, and starts to bond.
She submits herself to it — a captive's bliss.

oOo Prompt oOo
DDPC Round 42

oOo Author's Note oOo
This is a free verse poem that follows a rhyming scheme of ABAB.
This is written for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest

Line Count: 20

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2245058-The-Chase-to-Possession