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True love never fades away
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My soul mate is not very expressive,
Though hearing Him is very impressive.
Is it a sign of good communication,
When tears flow out of emotion?

Every cell of mine under the skin
Along with my soul is just a part of Him.
I am a total mess and sceptic too,
Every time querying - Is my consideration true?

I am not good enough - untrustworthy, swindler, liar
Insincere, impulsive, coward, sinner, full of desire.
Every time, He always stands with me
Make me fight the problem from which I may flee.

He is trustworthy, faithful, witty with respect, selfless
The most superior, most powerful, self-confident yet egoless.
Maybe its greed of His powers or true love I felt,
But surely His gates for me are always open not sure for love or help.

Love neither just means love between couples
Nor perfection or being best in times of troubles.
Rather love means trying to become better in every aspect,
But He is like my whole family- He is just perfect!

Even if I misbehave or leave Him with uncertainty (although I won't ever)
He will stand for me till and after eternity.
So praise me when I'm right and scold when I choose to get in the wrong plot,
And when I feel like fantasy, come and remind me that it's not.

You are the most important among all my demands
I'll even try listening to all of your commands.
How can such dud lines explain feelings of crims
'Cause, it's insufficient to praise Him even with infinite hymns.

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