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This content forecasts the necessity of self-motivation

How do I feel motivated to study and to stop procasting when it comes to following study schedule?

Self-motivation plays a significant role in this regard. The study on any particular field deserves to create a mind-blowing bridge between you (your mind) and the study. You must always keep in your mind that, without study how can you expect to reach your expected goal. The personalities all over the world who became successful in their life were studious and everybody had a deep inclination to study. There is a proverb, "Wisdom is Power". Another proverb is, "The pen is mightier than the sword". How such proverbs became/have come successful to create its position as a reference? A person having significant wisdom always gets respect from various corners of the world. You would find so many examples against that. So, if you don't uphold your appetite to study, how it would be possible for you to become an intellectual personality, and so on. Don't you want to be? Think deeply about what I say. So learn with full of self-motivation coming from the deepest place of your heart for your welfare and the human being as well, and when you would be able to learn go for teaching others. That should be the motto or objective of everybody's life. Otherwise, life would certainly be meaningless.


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