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The joy of having pets
Wild whiskey whiskers
like tiny powerlines
the black dome eyes
or sometimes fruit punch red
stare off into space
soul-searching in the stars
while hanging on with your grabbers
your tiny, intricate, lady pink paws
and ears of cherry blossom petals
Your key to balance
a rope like honeydew skin
delicately wrapping around my wrist
as you look out over the expanse
the vast plateau of my kitchen table
then scramble up my arm
when I make any micro movement
Many do not like you
your past ancestors
bring a vision of dark and death
but all I can see
is the way your nose twitches in delight
and curiosity at the new snack house
or the wooden apple filled with luffa
the way you climb the cage
to get your yogurt drops
or pull your frosted donut crackers
through the wires
I see a small piece of my heart
that sings when you look at me
that laughs when my finger is skimmed
by your nose
or held by your piglet pink paws
or when my cheeks are kissed
by those wild, whiskey whiskers

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