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A story about life and death.
There once was a snake living in a nameless jungle slithering along looking for something to do. As he searched far and wide he came across a big mountain piercing the sky. It was then that he decided to climb.

As he left the soft damp jungle soil and began to traverse the rugged terrain of the mountain's side he began to feel much less bored. It was as though the young snake had a purpose in his life. The rocks massaged his skin as he slithered back and forth. Such a simple pleasure but one which he felt he sorely needed.

As he got further and further up the slope he began to feel tired. His body ached from the constant pressure of the rocks digging into his sides. He stopped and looked down at the jungle below him. Seeing how far he had come and remembering how far he had to go he began to feel very sick in his belly.

It was then that he felt it was time to shed. He looked back up at the peak above him and began to slither once again. As he slithered from side to side his old scaly skin peeled off his body. As the final piece of his younger self fell towards the Earth... He did not look back even once.

He continued on his mission to reach the peak of the mountain. As he passed the clouds in the sky he felt so cold he started to shiver. This did not stop him though. He was determined to finish his mission. He slithered and slithered until finally he reached the top.

As he looked at the jungle below through the gaps in the clouds he realised something quite magical in his serpent mind. He thought to himself... I am all of this. I am the jungle, I am the clouds, I am the mountain and I am me. In this beautiful and blessed moment he thought to himself one thing and one thing only: all is one.

Exhausted and battered the snake knew it was time for him to die. But that did not bother him in the slightest. Because the old snake knew some other snake just like him would make that same journey one day too. In his final moments he coiled himself into a ball and took his last breath. At peace with himself and the world around him... He went off to sleep never to wake again.
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