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Natural tranquilliser blessings with God's creations
A delicious languor steals over one
in the languid twilight falling over the meadow
Watching tiny animated spectrums
whirring in the after-glow
Flitting among pretty petals
the gossamer-winged dragon-flies or mayflies
Fluttering among delicate filaments
the fine and flimsy butterflies.
All in all some of nature's soothing balms.
Created by God Himself, Nature calms.
Divine bonuses for relaxation...
Look for getaways, away from city/town noises.

A lavender sprinkled jacuzzi,
rose petals and jasmines floating about
like imitation lotus on ponds
right in your bubbly bubble-bath
As soft gleams of moon beams
seep in through translucent glass.
Luxuriate in the ephemeral, inhale in the aromatic
incenses of perfumery, oils and essential oils
Bathe in breathtaking joy, euphoric
listening to choirs of cicada music
Relax and unwind in the famed Turkish Bath
wherein to indulge yourself in steamy massage
Complete with the charm of the exotic
even if you don't live in Turkey or aren't Turkish.

Nature and such baths all God created or inspired, and thus very very therapeutic..

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