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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2245167
Two souls who were destined to meet
It is not that she was unaware of his gaze
Fascinated with every word she uttered
He said it made him shudder
"It is the way that you express...
Not only the pronounced phrases
But that very soul so connected

And she...
Ignited with his gaze
That she pretended not to look
Trying to hide all her emotions
With those eyes lowered

And he...
Completely unknown to the fact that,
Her heart,
It skipped a beat
Every time she felt those gazes

Days passed and months too
Then they meet again
No-one knew though how eager she was
For him to be there

This time
The eyes no-more lowered
A little courage gained
With the magical drink called alcohol
Confident enough to look into his eyes
Which immediately would find hers

Oh! How she did not want that time to pass
Or rather wished the moment to freeze, right there
With shared laughter and shared gazes
And that shyness and the blushes within...

Then the next time,
It was different
As if...he was already hers,
Her tantrums disclosed
Moods and anger
So stupid she is

Was she falling in love?
Because she had this shortness of breath
And a heart so overwhelmed with emotions
One would would ask her to stop
While the other would tempt her to go with the flow

Stuck in between
Suppressed and depressed
And more tantrums
While it was so much easier to accept
Which later she did
Overwhelming again
As it flows down every muscle and every bone
That fire and that heat
Very familiar.....

But again,
All she now needs is the wisdom to deal
With this thing called LOVE
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