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by Benju
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Adult · #2245241
Rinka used to be the perfect lady, but she's about to descend into her true desires.
Rinka is a nice and elegant lady but one day she's going to have a messy accident that will awaken a secret love for diapers. Will she succumb to her desires or repress them to keep on being the perfect lady?.

This story is based on the scandalous series by Attelier lunette and is going to focus on expanding the original story based on my interpretations and adding my own twist but still resembling the events of the manga. I'm also going to be using images of the manga to illustrate.

Here's the original first chapter.

Cap 1. The lady routine.

Rinka is perfect. Ask anyone who knows her, she was always the best student on high school, she's pretty, she is good at sports. But most importantly, she behaves, no one could blame you if you thought she was a princess, but instead she's on her way on becoming the new idol sensation. At 22 year old and close on doing her casting Rinka's life was perfect, but perfection comes with a cost.

Rinka not only has to keep herself in form by doing excersise, but she also needs to shave regularly, she had a hormonal problem that made her grow more hair than the avragae girl... and the avarage man.

If not kept on check Rinka's perfect body would be covered with hair. She also needed to keep her liquid consumption controlled bacause she used to wet the bed when children and sometimes she used to have accidents back then. But these sacrifices where worth it for her, perfection was never supposed to be cheap, until one day, Tonka would make a mistake that will awaken who she really was, and it all started with...

Cap 2. The peanut butter sandwich.

Fate is a curious thing, sometimes a succession of casualties along with one single decision can make you ending up in a different location, today was Rinka's turn to change fate.

It all started when Rinka's aunt asked her to take care of her children while she was at a spa tanks to a lottery she gained. Rinka being the perfect lady that she was of course accepted, it was a normal evening until launch time. Rinka's cousin had soap and a peanut butter sandwich, usually Rinka's aunt doesn't do these type of sandwiches, but peanut butter was with a discount that day. Because Rinka's cousin had been eating candies of a birthday party she attended yesterday she didn't want the sandwich. Rinna didn't want the sandwich to go to waste, so she eated it.

And that's what kickstared everything, because if Rinka's aunt hadn't won the lottery or the peanut butter weren't on discount that day or Rinka's cousin hadn't ate those candies Rinna would have never eaten the sandwich that would make her shit her panties.

Cap 3. The first shit of many.

Rinka was allergic to peanut butter, it usually gives her stomach problem and makes her shit worse than usual. The only reason she ate that sandwich was because she wasn't paying attention to the sandwich because of her practices.

Once her aunt came back and her job was done Rinka went to her gouse walking, but on the road Rinka felt something, a sudden urge of pooping. She tried to disimulate and arrived to the park that was on the way home, there where bathrooms there and no one was in the park, but once she arrived into the bathrooms she found out that they where blocked. This is usually when most girls would screw everything up and simply shit into the grass. But Renka couldn't do that, she instead hold her butt as close as she could and started sweatig, that much sweat was improper of her but that wasn't Renka's neggest concern. Her biggest concern was the shit that she was about to...


Suddenly she relived a huge turd into her panties, and Renka felt... good. It was an incredible sensation of liberation that turner her on like No other thing, in the middle of the extasis Renka liberated another turd that was blocked by her panties too, she also relieves her bladder and wetted herself. She felt amazing for a second and in her way of liberating a third turd when she recovered her composture. How could she have felt excited about that? It was unbelievable Renka thought on an explanation and then she said to herself. "It must have been the relief of getting that out, of course I would feel good after such thing is out of my body". Ranka went into an isolated place and made damage control, her panties where full of shit, she didn't know what to do, she simply stared at her shit and pulled her panties on. Smushing her mess into her butt and crotch.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2245241-The-true-self-vs-the-proper-lady