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In appreciation of my education and those who have encouraged me to never stop learning.

For what is writing or reading except to find light,
A window or lantern or lamp to make bright,
The words on a page that welcomes you there,
Containing a visual idea to be shared,
Of intrigue or suspense or a journey through both,
To encourage imagination to wonder and coast,
Down long winding roads, through portals of time,
To swim across channels for mountains to climb,
With characters you meet, without fear or hesitation,
From all walks of life and various locations,
Inviting you in from the darkness of days,
To provide you with friendships that can't be displayed,
In everyday scenarios of living day to day,
While there's work to be done and bills to be paid,
And people who care not for relationships,
Unless they are the center of your attentive gifts.

For words are the footwork of many a thought,
That encourages your mind to believe in what's taught,
Ambitions and courage, friendships and love,
Values of things you have never been part of,
To keep away darkness that creeps in through times,
When no one is with you there by your side,
And tries to surround you and hold you instead,
In chains of abuses lacing your head.
Taking the window seat away from your chair,
Turning off lights to cast in despairs,
To taunt and to plunder your known world of such,
Words, faces, places that offer you much,
More time to think at any given time,
Spaces, destinations the words make to combine,
You to the light for which you need to see,
To destroy the endless dark that would ever be,
There to stop reading how a warm summer day,
Became a years adventure through a most distant place.
Where cobble stone roads, lined with old stone buildings,
Gave way to a tour of paintings on ceilings,
Then brought together people for an adventure to share,
Upon yonder mountains in search of treasures rare,
And two unknown souls who had never met,
Learned to face difficulties without all the frets.
Over coming fears, raging rivers, sharp rocks,
Leading them to caverns, and campfire coffee pots,
Instead of the dark which leaves the mind reeling,
From no visions to expand or living life feelings,
That explain to you newness of a friend is okay,
To enjoy and return to another on the way.

For what is writing or reading except for to find light,
A window or lantern or lamp to make bright,
The words on a page that welcomes you there,
Containing a visual idea to be shared.

Jade Jaspers
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