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A couple Deals with Deal Island LightHouse - Flash Fiction
The new reliever stared absently at the oven which was in his direct line of sight – an old combustion cooker, fuelled by coal. Unpacked and ready for work – his first shift would be in 2 hours when he would measure the outdoor weather equipment for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Deal Island Lighthouse lay north-east of Tasmania in Australia and was about as remote as it could be, but John and his wife Alice, were used to the isolation. Anyway, they had each other and were actually too busy to notice, most of the time.

Now, sitting facing the old oven, John felt quite at home in the sturdy lighthouse cottage with its antiquated homewares. Alice came out of the bedroom where their 2 infant boys were settling down for their nap to prepare some bottle feeds and start peeling vegetables for dinner.

“Can you fire up the oven for me John? I’ll make a quick batch of vegetable soup and some damper for dinner.”

John stood and headed outside to fill up the coal bucket. His stomach growled with hunger and he hurried back inside to fill up the cavernous stove which would provide the necessary heat for their evening meal. Alice had hung clean, white nappies up on the indoor line for drying and soon he had the fire in the oven’s belly roaring.

BOOM! Whoosh! Black smoke belched rudely from the seals of the old cooker and quickly enveloped the room and its walls.

It was at that moment the internal phone rang and his boss asked:

“How’re yer settling in, Mate?”

John, tore at his hair and stared wildly around the room.

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

282 words -written for
"Daily Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt - story includes the line:
I don't want to talk about it

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