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The downside of social media

There go a saying: "if yall throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelped loudest is the one that got hit."
There go folks that get fired up about these topics, and I aim to be polite whether folks is or aint.
But I aint one of those conservatives that tuck tail and get pushed around, and Im p*ssed at those who are.

Welcome to America.

Before I get started, social media got some pluses:
-Contact with family and friends across the globe
-Business uses
-Some respectable outlets use social media

But...Theres a downside.

I personally aint give a rip about social media, cause Ive always preferred real breathing folk friends. Yall couldnt pay me to sign up for the things, but I currently am a member of a writing site that do got a social media type feed. Its fun, I enjoy these folks. The problem is, social media does more bad than good. As yall see in the title, youngins as well as adults done gotten good and comfortable with the lack of human
contact. This aint no whisper to why folks aint know how to talk to other folks. Home training and etiquette are long gone, as folks relate to others as a d*mn device. Its a dangerous spread of getting talked AT, instead of TO. With everything under the sun being more important than people- the environment, animals, politics, to name a few; lets gone and catapult technology and a computer generated world ahead of HUMANS. Sure, why not? Ive mentioned before how adults bully other adults on social media, and the LATEST craze- Brought to you by: "Danum danum danum! CANCEL CULTURE!" But pretend to be parents when school bullying goes down...

Good job, yall-
Now, go and discipline yall child when he/she gets caught stealing, when YOU steal from your job everyday.

Spare me.
Better yet, leave me the h*ll alone.

Thats ALL yall are saying as yall pile into coffee houses to the brink of the Fire Marshall running in, but it aint proper to talk to the
person sitting next to yall...If I aint know no better, folks aint no better than Gollum from 'Lord of the rings' with 'the precious' device.
Oh, Im just getting started. Lets talk about folks self esteem damage due to social media.

-It creates a painful, low self esteem

-Go OUTSIDE. Lack of excercise and human interaction is bad for physical and emotional health.

I feel for folks, not just kids, who are sheltered to the point of hanging every ounce of hope on others opinions.
This is what it does. Its called a 'majority,' and if yall swim upstream, then the tide is gone wash yall away. This causes folks to 'sell themselves'
for acceptance and attention. Valuing the opinion of folks who aint know yall from a hole in the side of a barn, over yall own opinion of yourselves is an unhealthy lifestyle.

-Extreme bullying

Kids getting bullied from anything that can be thought of goes down here. Physical fights and 'jumping' other kids are REGULARLY posted on
social media sites.


We ALL know this exists here. What dont make sense is the hold social media got on kids. Common sense would tell them to delete their account, or get off the thing in general, but they aint EVER do so.

-P*rnography, child s*x trafficking, and p*dophilia run rampant on social media platforms.

Did yall know...

I forget what the techy term is called, but mainstream media- as much as they lie, have to at some point have a fiber of truth to what they report. Its required this way. But its what they DO with the info thats in their power. If a speech is given, they are allowed to show snippets, edit, or cut the complete form to their liking as long as something is there...

Social media aint got that rule.
Anything can be posted, and folks can call it gospel. Misinformation is a h*lluva drug.

"Its fake, its all fake!"

There shouldnt be any part of yall that considers the created world of social media and Hollywood to be real. Whats insult to injury, young men
and women are taking advice from folks whos lives are in shambles. It makes no sense to pattern life after folks with immoral views- let alone with folks who cant stay married longer than a two years, most got alcohol and drug addiction problems, selling themselves in s*xual manners, or anything of the sort. Whats the percentage of honest, honorable, or conservative elites in Hollywood?


And it aint just youngins, d*mn adults take life advice from these folks as well. We JUST watched Hollywood TELL folks how to vote in 2020.
They dont care about yall- If sh*t hits the fan, they got enough money to move to another country...Yall dont. Hollywood folks push agendas that seem to be missing from their own lives. They support forms of deconstruction of the nuclear family, but a good majority of these folks COME from nuclear families, and ARE part of a nuclear family. Whats the percentage of these folks who got transgender kids? But they tell yall YALL intolerant for not supporting changing the sex of a child...


These are the SAME folks who are married to the opposite sex with biological sex children- that attend private schools with better education, while they keep pumping YALL public school system with 'woke' ideologies and scream that math is 'racist'...


Did yall know...

A large part of strife in marriages done been charged to social media? As well as cheating and adultery, it robs families of time spent together.
None talks nomore, and everybody stares at their phones.

And this is the tip of the iceberg. Social media is viewed as this 'glamorous' thing, with folks fighting to get to the top by any means possible...

But at what cost?
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