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by Ninja
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So, I have a boyfreind, (reader:and?), i manage to secretly manipulate him to gain (:um..)
So what Im a boy with a boyfreind, what gives? Love is love! Anyways im 14 now turning 15 soon and I had a awesome experience id lioe to share with you from this summer holiday, but first, let me start from the begining...

(the day i met him):

Before i tell you what happens if you dont like all that kissing stuff just simply skip this next paragraph. ;)

Im scrolling webpages on my phone at the edge of the crazy disco party, with nothing else better that I wanted to do. A lot of boring minutes pass before I raise my head to loud whoops and cheers. The whole crowd surrounded in a circle cheering at something. I couldnt make out what it was before i slight gap in the densest clump of people, showed an epic guy showing off his talented dance skills. I went back to my phone giving a small wave of heat from blush and jealousy. Hes good looking ok, he goes to my school and hes always around the girls. I mean im not bad loking either im just not keen on being in a relationship mainly because i like boys and i havent told anyone. He shines to me, his blonde hair and pure lightly tanned skin, and me with light brown hair and slighlty heavier tan.
After the party, I went to the bathroom and took enough for time for basically everyone but the cleaners left. I headed outside when i was grabbed by the wrist. I quickly turned around preparing my stance for an attack but as i saw who its was, it was the blonde boy. I was so thrilled, 'maybe he wants to ask me out, or even get married!'but the more logical side of me was like 'hey hes probably just asking me to help clean up or that hes mistaken me for someone else'. Both sides of me waited for an answer.
'Hey, can you come with me for a second?' he asked.
To stop this taking ages he basically was just talking to me about normal stuff you would introduce yourself to someone, the only thing that wasnt normal was where he was taking me, we continued to talk and walk around the party hall into another bathroom, probably used for staff only. 'Ummm what am I doing here?' I asked.
'You know you love me,' Comen said confidently.
'What?' I was shocked at how easily he just said that.
'I dont need to explain because you know that true.'
'So what if it is?'
'Well then i want to say... i love you too'
He pushed me hard onto the wall, and brought his hands on my cheeks. Immediately, the lips were in and he was kissing for so long that I had trouble breathing especially in the hot air. For 20 minutes we kissed, little did he know he would go from muscle to dough...
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