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A poetic verse concerning my hopelessly romantic friendship with writing.
When dark of night so softly sounds the silence of the world
So does the wishes of my life begin to then unfurl
In varied scenes of dreams and schemes in patterns vast and varied
Where I can sense the thrills of life beyond my mind that's wearied
With daily chores and routine bores demanding life's acceptance
Without remorse, without excuse, without recourse or repentance.

When dreams of life call out to me from distant shores of thought
I'd rather follow where they lead than where that I would not
To see the living souls in search of treasured dreams of love
And watch them build their castles true in clouds way up above
The twisted thoughts of dimes and dozens the ilk of names and numbers
Where all that's wanted to be real is never lost in slumber.

When I in solace can bequeath my mind to soar in stars
I place my faiths in all that's not instead of all that are's
So if my choosing does accept a gentle ride on wings
I upon a phoenix back can fly where no one sees
The awesome strength of graceful myth with wings defeating air
In glided flight where like the night I cast off all my cares.

When childlike wonder fills my head with cotton candy clouds
Daring me to chase the wind as it shrieks and howls
I find myself among the lands of dancing twirling leaves
Entertained by nature's whispers lilting on the breeze
Showing me the secrets of its gentle ways of life
Drawing me away from worries, angers, grief and strife.

When I in trust can greet the place where dreams may ever bloom
And spin the yarns of loyal friends upon a spinning loom
I welcome all those unopposed to search for happiness
Into the realms where can be found the trueness of a bliss
That belongs among the throngs of what their heart's desire
Without the need of jealousies, hatred hopes or dires.

When poet's voice from universe calls my thoughts to pen
The words of choice for a voice to comfort from within
I dedicate my mind to moments where it may be heard
In metered rhythms without a scowl, racket, tune or bird
So that the ancient blessing flows into a new existence
Without an ego in it's path to keep it from acceptance.

Jade Jaspers

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