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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2245455
Daily Flash Fiction 2/27/21 W/C 296


“Don’t tell anyone you saw me. I wasn’t here. You didn’t see me do it.” With that statement, John ran off, leaving me with keys to his car and his dog on a leash.

I stood outside our office. I’d stepped out to go to lunch at the Wokking Panda. Immediately John had run up, made that inscrutable statement.

Now the dog, a fluffy mutt, sat beside me. Its tongue out, tail wagging.

“What’s your name?”

I checked for a collar. There it was, “Luna” on a tag.

“Okay, Luna. I guess I’ll keep you for awhile, or until your dad comes home.”

The two of us went to the Wokking Panda. Carryout fried rice and egg rolls as I sat on a park bench. I tried to not feel guilty eating as another life form stared at me.

My fortune was cryptic, “Live life as if you would die today.” Cheery thought.

Luna and I made the short trip back to my office. I took her inside where she was immediately set upon by all the dog lovers on the floor.

About 3 PM, an email blast came across. “Urgent meeting in the break room. NOW.”

Ralph Lawrence stood in front. I took a seat, Luna at my feet.

Lawrence began, “There’s been a breach of our launching protocol. The project we’ve been working on for years is now live and orbiting Earth as we speak.”

Murmurs and gasps were heard.

“We don’t how it happened. I can tell you that John Lewis is probably the responsible party. Everyone go home, get your affairs in order. No telling what this satellite is programmed to do.”

Luna and I got in John’s car and drove to a park. We saw it, just like a second moon.

W/C 296

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