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A metaphor for excellence in a man I know.
There’s a man I know whose essence is like a peacock, one of the most alluring birds in existence. His many colors are not just bright, bold, and beautiful, but also subtle, sensitive, and sensual. The world at large sees only a small amount of this color. Like a male peacock, what shows in the composed layers of resting feathers as he moves about in daily life is only a fraction of the true kaleidoscope which hides underneath.

This man has known selfish, dishonest, and unstable suitors who only saw what they wanted to see, because what he displayed was a partial view of who he truly is. His soul waited many years for his true love to arrive, and he found her at last, in a place he least expected. When he recognized her he pulled her in close against him, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

It is only with her that he has opened up fully: heart, soul, mind, and body. Just like a peacock, he now shakes loose his brilliant feathers in a fine display, flashing the colors of the sun, the earth, and the sky, only for her. He’s been tender, loving, and kind to his precious lady, while also being strong and noble. With a protective wing he shelters her from life’s storms. He continues to give her everything he is, like he has given no other, because no one else has been capable of meeting him on the deepest levels, or could satisfy his yearning for great compassion, devotion, spirituality, and femininity only his true mate would exude.

She sees into the deepest parts of his being, and he sees into her in the exact same way. The effect of her undying love brings out the very best in him, and he has pledged himself to her with commitment of the highest order. They have formed a bond of love and appreciation others would envy. Their souls are beautifully entwined, and it’s clear no one will ever come between them.

The peacock is a symbol of great beauty, purity, strength, wisdom, honor, integrity, spirituality, immortality, and rebirth. Like the traits of this magnificent bird, it’s the exquisiteness of a special man’s love that unites this couple for all eternity, fulfilling their dreams and going beyond the physical realm into a heaven among the stars.
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