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A brief overview against taking too much alcohol!!!

Why does your family drink so much alcohol?

"Drinking is injurious to health", this precautionary statement is observed in various sectors all over the world. For example, before starting any movie or on any social media most of the time we do experience that. Besides, different organizations either government or non-government sometimes organize a campaign against it. Their objective is to spread out the negative impact caused by having more alcohol. They highlight by stating that too much alcohol makes a person alcoholic by generating severe diseases, which in turn, becomes the cause of their death. Research organized by WHO recently published a report. Based on the report, it is clear that a significant number of people is becoming alcoholic as time passes. People are being incredibly inclined to become alcoholics due to the below-mentioned reasons, and that is what WHO has announced. This highly recognized and highly acceptable/profile organization becoming more concerned than any other time as people are being significantly inclined to take alcohol and becoming alcoholics. Their concern resides on a logical platform, and what they believe, the civilization would fall at stake shortly subject to the failure to oppose this inclination. WHO has identified some threatening reasons for generating such inclination among the people around the world. Please have look at below-

  • Careless attitude despite knowing the negative outcome

  • Significant generation of negative attitude from the ethical point of view

  • Unavailability of a well-mannered family environment that helps to generate mental agony and frustration, and inspires them to go for

  • Unrest political situation

  • Expected law and order implementation by the authority of a particular territory on the people to resist or to oppose that

  • The unstable financial status also creates frustration, irritation, and so on.

There are some other reasons but the above are the basic. From my point of view, whatever may be the reason, for your dream healthy, enjoyable life for which you're tremendously working, just give up. I repeat, there is only one word, and that is, "Just-Give-Up". Every one of us mustn't forget, having or taking alcohol can't eradicate the inconvenience of your life.


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