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After constantly being brought in and out of each other’s lives since they were toddlers, Vincent Luchessi and Amara Wenn are finally old enough to stay connected on their own terms. Although only 14, these childhood friends share a unique connection based in unconditional love and an intuitive understanding of one another.

However, with an alcoholic father and homeless mother raising Vincent, and Amara's mother being a drug addict who struggles with mental illness and volatile relationships, the two were bound to have picked up some baggage along the way.

While Vincent and Amara both having experienced such a toxic childhood brings empathy to their relationship, it also invites sabotaging demons from both sides. Amara and Vincent both share a predisposition for romanticizing life and finding pleasure in what makes it a novelty. Together, they create their own world of passion and poeticism to escape from harsh, mundane reality; but Amara tends to seek a false sense of pleasure in chaos, while Vincent obsessively fears losing control and facing conflict.

Vincent’s inability to fight for what he wants and believes not only frustrates Amara, but as she instinctively challenges her limits and errs on the side of destructive behavior, an obstacle against maintaining healthy boundaries and consistency is created.

Together they each hold something the other lacks, but to such an extreme, it leaves their relationship without structure; a reality they choose to see with rose colored glasses.

As they creep into their 20s and the requirements of love and friendship change, they must face themselves or sacrifice one another to the unrelenting currents of modern adulthood.

Can they come to this realization in time and put in the required work? Or will they continue to push until their 19 year connection becomes tainted beyond repair, and eventually destroyed?

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