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A daily reminder to myself about the choices to be made in regards to my life and others.
Hate hurts. No matter who started it, no matter where it originates from, no matter who overlooks it for the sake of being obtuse to its existence, hate hurts. It knows no boundary, it observes no law. It has no friends. It destroys all families. It has no other meaning neither does it relent to the needs of love. Hate hurts. It blinds the eyes of wisdoms, it extinguishes understanding, it repels the voice of reason and silences the mouths of hope. Hate hurts. It knows nothing but itself and fuels itself from within to devour everything that allows it a place to exist. It lies to be seen. It screams to be heard. It cries when it’s forsaking the goodness of another person without reason, without justice, without mercy, without concern or intention of repenting, hate hurts. It builds friendships to betray. It marries lovers to disasters. It carries not its own weight yet forces others to do its biddings, hate hurts. It is a midnight sky with not a star, not a moon, no creative existence, sucking the life out of the world beneath it and all those who search for wishes to become true. Who prayerfully hope, whose thoughtful hearts want only to bring their life of living into a world where light is abundantly shining on all those who breathe. Hate hurts, it’s wreckless with malice, it’s dangerously deceptive, it’s beautifully alluring, wearing the masks of many faces calling the personal dreams within us all into it’s darkness to brutalize our ambition, smother our aspirations and eliminate its competition from becoming more than it is. Hate hurts. It is the great I am of mathematical maladies, laughing only at the harm it causes while abusing the faith of the faithful and projecting it’s likeness as the only acceptable path to success. Not for those it uses, not for those it haunts, only for itself to develop into a complete and total abyss where nothing exists, save only itself, hate hurts.

No wonder we’re told to shun it. No wonder we’re told to forgive. It is the only way we can, within ourselves, defeat the diseases it harbors to infest our lives with. Knowing its acceptance on any level bombs the sanctity of our minds with the indecencies of its plagues and removes our personal defenses with it’s gnawings. Hate hurts. It opens the doors to unreasonable anger, it promotes falsified revenges, it accommodates unscrupulous decisions, and it casts out all our better judgments and choices. Hate hurts. It tricks the mind into believing in its superficial power, to dominate the world around it while it slithers it's fingers around our inner soul to tighten its grip on our lives and remove all we admire from it. No wonder we are taught to reject it. What good or happy thing could ever exist without our admiration? What knowledge would be worth learning without our wide eye wonderings and willingness to accept the answers? If only in our limited abilities to understand them.

Hate hurts. It destroys the quests for answers. It destroys eager minds who want to admire their life and the lives of others and all those whom it meets as a success. It removes our natural wonders. It dispels our learned knowings that success is available, if only in our own small ways. It is a resistance to anything that would otherwise force it out of living lives and it seeks only to destroy. Hate hurts everyone, everywhere, all the time, when it is allowed to endure without opposition.

It denies the gentle touch of a mother's hand. It poisons the mouths of fathers with angers of belligerent bitterness. It retards the stability of a siblings patience. It opposes tolerance and dutiful obligation to make better or console while it condemns the laws of the land. It doesn’t care how it looks, it prefers to look crazy while it’s devouring the rights of the people to their sanity. It looks strong to those who it's festering. It prefers chaos over contentment, and eats a hole in the souls of our neighborhoods where it lurks in the minds of ignored children, busy parents, addictions, and financial stresses. It builds itself up as righteous rebellions, it encapsulates our worship of others and plays only to defeat all that defy it. Yes, hate hurts. It is the sheath of casual passings, it is the lack of all togetherness, and builds silently without our actual permittance.

How should we heal this disease of the living? We have all the knowledge. We know that we must. We know that we can if only we will forgive and forget the wrongs we perceive against us. Remembering always that we are all only one decision away from removing every ill intention that invokes our vengefulness where hate hides waiting for a spark of anger which it is so ready to provide for its own sake. We can extinguish it from our minds lives with the same mind where it waits to destroy. We can choose to see better than anger. We can choose to see more than a problem. We can relinquish our stronghold of resentments and make way for the innocent. We are always capable of changing our course and returning to our lives where we find gaiety in the everyday knowledge of being alive, where we are, who we are, as we are. Without the need of demanding to be things we can not nor ever will be. Needing only to search to put our lives together in a way that is comfortable to live rather than dividing our thoughts into categories. Where we accept some, deny some, and hate lingers in both to do again to all of them until it destroys every fiber of our thinking and has free reign to do as it wants with our lives.

Hate hurts; love heals. They are both a choice, in every deity, in every being, in every day, in every way. Choose with the understanding that like it or not, one day your choice will include you and that day is today. It is every day you decide which to choose. Love heals, choose love. Heal yourself, heal your thoughts, heal your life, heal others. Never give hate a harbor in your life. Not as a social norm, not as a government’s agenda, not as a silent companion, not as a pleasure to mischief. Hate hurts with no exceptions. Love heals the same way. Choose carefully, thoughtfully and selfishly as if you were choosing just for yourself. Love heals.

Jade Jaspers
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