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a better way...
         I think we have all seen pictures of plains water-bombing a bush fire and putting it out. What you don't get to see is that a near miss scatters burning wood over a large area.

         I would like to suggest a safer, more effective, more predictable way of fighting bush fires, using the same resources.

         Instead of low-level water bombing, which can be hit and miss. I recommend dropping that same water from altitude. It will evaporate long before it reaches the ground. The energy required to evaporate that water will be taken by cooling the air through which it falls, this air will also fall
To the ground as a large mass of cold damp air.

         This is a man-made version of the weather phenomenon called a micro-burst.

         If this is done in front of the fire, the cold air rushing out of the micro-burst will at first blow the fire back onto where it had already burned. Then as the wind that had been fanning the flames reasserts its self, the cold air will form a cold front that will lift the hot dry wind away from the fuel.

         The reason for not including the numbers in this quick post is that a large amount of heat it takes to one liter of water makes it look ridiculous, especially as a tanker can drop 40000 l or more at a time.

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