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The Queen of Darkness’s Wrath
The Queen of Darkness felt no pity
for those that would preach against her.
The priests of the Shadow God,
The Pretender,
the false deity who dared challenge
the true goddess herself was not to be
suffered to live.
What unpleasant ritual would befall him?
Oh if he was to claim that he was a God
then he would suffer only as a God could.
She would descend from her throne,
with knife in hand and slice him from
one side of his stomach to the other.
Then she would bestow upon him immortality
just as this childish mortal claimed to have always been.
Then inspired by Prometheus, she would have him
chained to a rock and allow his immortal body
to be pecked to death
And undeath
by a raven
and over
You see the Queen of Darkness does not
appreciate falsehoods and empty deities.
There is room only for the Queen and her King.

Written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 39
Prompt: Include as many of the following words (or variations on these words) as you like:

knife, ritual, throne, befall
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