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A poetic verse in regards to an old edict that I've always chose to debate.
I've heard it said millions of times you have a heart of gold
So be prepared for it to break, others always told
But I'm indifferent to their words, reject their philosophies
Because a heart of gold can live as it wants to be
Unlike steel or platinum or tin of cans and foils
A heart of gold is soft to touch, reshape and remold
Its pliable, reliable, untarnished by life's harshness
And always finds the shape it's in to be a daily presence
To offer to itself a love no hand or man can take
And manages the comforting to heal and mend mistakes
That others forge upon its being without a second thought
Using tear drops like a phoenix to fill in hurtful spots
So it may shape, repair, remake a safe place for its loves
Forgetting often thoughtlessness when moments it was roughed
Beyond its delicate repose blinded from the truth
A heart of gold may change its shape but never its value
So take to mind yourself my friends, if ever you are told
You have a gracious gift in life within your heart of gold
Because its yours and true enough you will live to see
A heart of gold will heal your soul and set your worries free
Never let another mouth chastise or brand your fate
That the way you know to love is a big mistake
But also true with me and you and those of us who care
Guard your heart of gold with diligence, keep it safe from snares
Which would otherwise cast out the value of your soul
Love yourself always the way you would a heart of gold.

Jade Jaspers
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