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A poetic verse regarding those long days when I am unable to write.
Weeks of unwanted boredoms filled with days of endless quandaries
Waking and sleeping, eating and thinking, delving in and out of proposals for purposing
Listless yet restless, unmotivated and unentertained, confined and complacent
Yet always in the refrains...

Of thinking and planning the what should and coulds
Blending in moments of maybe I would
If only, whenevers, until then, before nows
Sweeping away boredoms with the I'll do it some-hows
Endless examples amidst droplets of ideas
Tinkering the ponderings of what to do if
I should embark on a wording to write
To fill up a day without needless contrites
Of picking and bickering and bugging myself
With all of the reasons in life I have left
Behind on the days when my mind was unexplored
And dragged through the similes of, "good lord I'm so bored"
Then stuffed in a closet like an old winter sweater
Forgotten until I'd wake up and would rather
Plug away thoughtfully to dredge up a write
To sling out of my mind to prove that life's right
With reasons no other than the doing of a thing
Can drive away worry and madness the same
And cast them like dust pigeons into the sky
Where the birthright of the living is shown there on high
Then inhale a refreshing deep breath within
And feel life anew where the words do befriend
My mind full of clutter that needs a deep cleaning
To find nothing particular except every thing with no meaning
Or depth of devotion other than to think
And type out a moment when my mind met the brink
Of a universal gifting in search of a mind
Who had opportunity, talent and time
To listen a while to a whispering thought
And cast out the rubbish that would make it all stop...

For a moment in life where I am cradled by night
Waiting for tomorrow's morning sunlight
In a house with my cats and floppy ear dogs
While the heavens keep time of my life's daily log.

Jade Jaspers

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