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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2245847
A full moon on October 31st is completely different.
The moon was full on October 31st.
It lit up the dark sky, scaring away any darkness trying to surround me.
Children are screaming, laughing, running up and down the streets
Expressing who they are without judgment for one night a year.
Dressed up, being somebody I'm not, friends start to show up
Yet with friends all around me, I still feel alone...
The room starts to get darker, the moon is covered by clouds for a sudden moment.
Drinking the feeling away, another creeps up.
The room that was once so dark starts to lighten up.
The darkness that was once surrounding me for so long was nowhere to be found.
Instead, you sit by my side, laughing at the jokes my drunken friends make, looking at me the way you still do to this day
Scaring away the darkness trying to surround me
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