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by Trav
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Some Odd things up in the sky.

Written by: Travis Moore

         I have seen different types of UFOs in my life. It was a clear sunny day and not a cloud was in the sky when I had seen a silver cigar shaped craft as I walked down to my grandparents house. I had walked all the way down the hill. No one was home. So I started go back up the gravel road.

         Then I felt a bit odd. I looked up in the sky there it was. It was silent and just hovering over the field. A silver cigar shaped craft hovering in the air. It looked smooth maybe it had some windows. That isn't an airplane I thought. They usually paint air craft. And they are supposed to have wings. This had non. I looked at the craft until it left.

         As far as I know the silver craft had no markings on the outside and it didn't make a sound that I could hear. It just did not make an audible sound as it moved away. I wish I could have had a camera that day. But oh well. I doubt anyone would believe me anyway.

         I was laying in bed another day. It was kinda sunny. I just didn't feel like getting out of bed. The a loud sound well that airplane is getting awfully loud I thought. But it kept getting louder and louder. I don't know what is going on.

         Out side my window I thought I seen something. It was a large space ship and it looked like it was in hover mode as large engines angled down the blue plasma thrusters that had to be massive MHD propulsion systems of a nuclear powered ship.

         I don't know if I stepped outside or what. But I had seen the nose of it from behinde the neighbors barn. I don't remember much that day just something that looked like it was a cross from X beyond the frontier and stargate SG1 space ship. I know the neighbors saw it. But I guess no one would believe them anyway.

         Besides military helicopters fly over head every day. It could have been one of the space craft that the Air Force or Military had been working on in secret. It could have had reactor trouble. As I think one of the neighbors cows had been killed. It almost sound like what would happen to an animal if you dumped molten sodium coolant from a fission reactor on top of the thing. I didn't mention this to him. It could have been coyotes after all that killed it.

         Anyway I will not forget seeing it angle that large engines and the blue flames from the plasma vents. As the loudest and noisiest space craft that I have seen and heard moved away. I was relieved to have some peace and quiet afterward anyway.

         There was another noisy space craft but I can't prove it was a UFO. It was late at night and it was dark out. It was a large triangle shaped craft with many lights. Grandpa had seen it. There's a UFO Travis he said. It was hovering over the Ashland Oil line. They built that oil pipeline years ago.

         The odd Craft hovered over that top of the hill for a good while. I could not make out any details though. Just a bunch of lights in a triangle configuration. And maybe the shadow of the the out line when it blocked out stars from the craft outline. It did make a bit of noise. We looked at it for a bit. Then it flew off into the night to who know where.

         This is an odd craft it was a stormy and gloomy day and cloudy. Sometimes I think I can almost hear some of the thoughts of people and things. I may have had just imagined the whole thing. But something was moving in the clouds. It looked like the black night object moving over my head. Or something like it.

         I thought I almost heard "He sees us you flew too low." I don't know if I was reading the pilots thoughts or if the alarm they had of me seeing them caused them to project theirs in fear. I don't claim to be psychic or anything. But there were those times I kinda had a mind speak with a pretty girl. Or someone I thought I saw on you tube. But odd things in my life are too numerous to mention.

         Sure you can chalk most of this up to a vivid and wild imagination. Sure you can say My life is just too odd to be real. I know it is insane. I even call myself crazy and insane for having these odd experiences. Well I will let you make up your own mind, believe it or not.

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