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by Trav
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My haunting by the demon possum.
"Paranormal Possum"

Written By: Travus Moore

         I use to leave the cat food on the porch for our three cats at home. Well at night something kept eating the food. I wondered what had been eating the food. So I turned on the porch light. Then there was the fluffiest creature you have ever seen. I said"; Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." I started petting the creature. To my surprise it was a giant fluffy possum with the ugliest face you have ever seen.

         It seemed like it had an exaggerated beak being much longer than usual with the sharpest jagged teeth running the length of it's mouth. With an odd single or compound eye in the center of its head. It may have had a fluffy body but the head and face sure was ugly. I called it the demon possum because it was so ugly in the face.

         Well the demon possum came around a few more times. And I have not seen the thing since. Though I have seen a bunch of little possums every where. It seems like a family of them took up residence under the trailer. I guess that could explain some of the odd sounds under the house. I wish the animals wouldn't go under there.

         I guess I am just glad we don't have the skunk under the house. My room would have a hellish smell and stink to high heaven. Though I remember something use to come up through the vent. One time something was crawling up on the computer desk and my dresser. I don't think it was a cat either. As it seemed to pop open the heating vent and had a long tail.

          For all I know that demon possum was visiting me for a long time and costing me a good nights sleep. What I cant figure out is how it got back out every time. It must have been smaller back then. It might also explain the orange glowing creature with the long snout that hat hopped up on me in the middle of the night. I have since fastened that vent down with some wood screws. I haven't heard anything pop open that vent for a long time.

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