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Possible future of TV and Movies
The other day my son asked me if I heard about the new movie that while it's in theaters, the studio who owns it has also put it on their streaming channel for thirty bucks, but to watch it you also have to have a subscription. Though, if you think about it, if you had a big family or filled up your house, that would be cheaper than going to the theater.

So what does this mean for the future of television and movie theaters, to entertainment in general?

A few years back the craze was digital instead of standard definition for your TV, and the government ordered it to be switched, giving those of limited income a free box for their old TVs, because without it, or a brand new expensive digital flat-screen TV, or paying for cable, they wouldn't be able to watch TV anymore.

I was one of those people who needed a box, but I still ended up having to pay for cable. This was an issue I never heard talked about on the news. I never heard it mentioned that not everyone was within range to get the channels without a powerful antenna! I was able to get two channels, a third if the wind was blowing from the right direction. We did pay for a few different antennas that said we'd get reception, but still didn't and we gave up, having to watch TV through cable. I know we weren't the only ones having this problem. A lot of people were, but there was no help from the government in funding antennas for these people. Maybe because they'd have to supply entire towns.

Now we are in the age of streaming. There are so many channels out there right now. Some are free and others you have to pay a monthly fee to watch, and even some of those have options where you can pay more so you won't have to sit through commercials.

After multiple price hikes, and very bad customer service involving trying to scam me out of more money so I could watch my local TV channels, I got rid of my cable and paid a lot for an antenna that was powerful enough so I could watch my local TV channels and more, but we also went with a couple of streaming services. One costs me ten a month, (though I had to downgrade this one because the price was going through the roof, and is now the first on the chopping block because of its cliffhanger series), and the other service, seven. I've tried other popular ones, giving them a few weeks or months with a price discount, but for the most part they didn't seem worth it.

OK, going off the intended topic.

The reason I am worried about the future of TV is because of these streaming services. Yes, I agree, they are so convenient. You got a whole bunch of shows to watch just on one, and you can binge an entire series.

Even though it affects the quality of these streaming channels, and they are dependent on it, I’m going to sum up the issue with the internet: Not all providers are honest or dependable. Some will slow your speed, make you pay extra for this or that, or fails all of the time, especially during high traffic, and charge high prices, that they raise every year but never improve their service.

Back to streaming.

There are more entertainment companies with streaming channels coming out with their own series, and that list keeps growing. But now all of these companies are starting to make or keep their own shows to themselves. If I want to watch a certain show, I’ll have to pay for that streaming channel. Almost gone are the days where you can watch certain cartoon movies on any other streaming channel but theirs.

But will these companies continue broadcasting their channels for free over the local airwaves? Commercials, they get money out of those. In an hour block, the show runs about thirty-forty minutes leaving you to watch thirty-twenty minutes of commercials which they get paid for, but you'll have to sit through fifteen minutes or more of commercials if you're streaming those channels, unless you're paying to remove the commercials.

A lot of these streaming channels are now the only way you can watch certain shows because they won't air them. Yes, some do not have a 'TV' channel, and the streaming service is the only way you can watch it because they won’t allow anyone else to show it. Or if they do air it over the airwaves, you have one chance to see it, and if you miss it, you'll have to pay to stream it.

Look at what the video games industry has done.

You have to pay two-five hundred for the console, then forty-eighty for a game. But if that game is a multiplayer shooter you have to have internet and you'll have to pay the console's subscription fee of twenty-sixty for a year; if you don't, that game you just bought, you can only play the training mode. That's it, that's all you get for your money.

So now you're paying for the subscription, and there's all that DLC that can make your soldier more powerful. You are getting yourself blown to bits because everyone you're playing with paid for that tank.

Right behind you, as you blow a hole through that building with your new tank, your three kids are crying because they want to play. Because most games are now only one person, play-on-line- multiplayer, one subscription per-player only, now you have to buy three more consoles, three more of the same game, and three more subscriptions so they all can play together, and you're going to have to shell out that extra cash 'cause your daughter wants her tank to be pink.

It is kind of scary when you think about it. I know it's drama, but it does worry me that one day I might have to pay for each channel I want to watch. Now maybe I'll still be able to watch those old shows over the airwaves. You know, those ones that are in black and white, or so corny that you spend more time rolling your eyes, and for thirty minutes of show, you’ll sit through forty of commercials. But then again, with society today, most of those shows will no longer be allowed to be aired because they are offensive. You know that hunter whose always looking for that rabbit, or that canine crashing into that mountain after the bird ran right through it. Those types of free shows, aired around commercials, are going to be few because it seems everything is offensive.

I know there's not much I can do, it would take the entire nation to stand up and object, but we are so glued to the screen that I don't see it happening. And when people finally take notice, it's going to be too late. The video stores have already folded, so what about going out to the movies? There's not a lot of drive-ins left, and now after COVID the theaters are suffering, and that knife from the streaming services is pressing against their necks.

The world of entertainment is changing, and I don't like where it's going! Everything seems to be becoming dependent on the internet, and that's not a good thing. What would happen if the wrong person/group got a hold of that and controlled it? They would now control us, everything we do.

The one thing I can do is collect books. The real books made from paper. Nobody can control what is already written down unless they take it away from me. (And they are trying.) Ebooks can be changed. They can be edited at anytime the publisher/author wants. Those of us who read ebooks know this because we get notices that there's an update for a book or two, or three... And if we haven't already read it, and then re-read it, we won't know what, if anything, was changed.

I know not everyone likes to read, but you only need one person in a group to read the story aloud. But then again, people are becoming dependent on the visual so we no longer have a reason to use our imagination, we let the TV screen do it for us.

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