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A Monologue/Overview of What I Have Done!
I sure have missed you guys last week since I have taken a break; I have spent this past week doing a theme week over at my blog, Miss Jenn Webster, in which I had called it "Rainbow Tales"; each day last week, I have presented a story that centered on a certain object that is colored with a different color of the rainbow; That's why I had called this theme week "Rainbow Tales"! I could not find a better idea in my head than the one that I have done for my blog; but alas, this theme week had come to an end, but I shall always remember the wonderful time I had in creating that week and sharing every story with my audience. If a theme week is fun, then I hope that I would be doing something that is just as fun as what I had done in the past week! We shall very well wait and see...
I have been with this great writing community for a long while, and I have written and published terrific things here and there, but there are times when I would get very stuck for any ideas to write for this community, and that I would not know how I would think up any new ideas! But I keep on trying, and somehow I would feel better when I write something.
And now, I would very much like to change the subject to something else; you know, this week marks a year since this global pandemic that has been caused by the virus known as COVID-19 has been declared. And for me, personally, this year would certainly mark one year since I have been furloughed from my job as a food service worker at Sodexo for ServiceSource, and as of this writing, they keep on extending the furlough for me and my co-workers, without any clear way of knowing how all of this is going to be played out or how it would ever end at all. I have done as very best a job as I could at my job-What in the world did I do wrong to deserve all of this?! (I know I should not be writing something like this because I have not done anything wrong, but there are times when I feel like I did not do anything wrong to deserve this, so I had to write something like that down.)

In that whole, entire year alone, I had been living in complete heartache and misery, wondering every day when all of this would ever end and when things would ever, ever, ever get better; there are other times when I would just take walks while wandering around like a zombie with my mind also wandering in a daze as if it is living in some type of fantasy world. But then again, how would you fantasize in a pandemic?
However, I am so very grateful that they have rolled out vaccines as well as that they have ordered each and every one of us to wear masks, wash/sanitize our hands, and yes, even social distance, in which we still do to this day at least until this incredible global health crisis ends. But I shall tell you all something right now: If and when the pandemic is finally over, then we shall be fed up and tired of wearing our masks, fed up and tired of social distancing (for we want to hug our loved ones again), and we at last shall be fed up and tired of washing our hands constantly, except after we go to the bathroom, and that from now on, we shall sanitize our hands instead...Hey, I do not know that it could happen, but it may be a possibility, right?
In the meantime, it is so very great to be writing something cool on this here writing community, and I hope that I would be bringing more of the same wonderfully fun stuff for you in the weeks to come! Take care of yourselves, with *SuitHeart*-JW
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