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Dracula gets more than he bargained for when he met Sarah
Sarah had chosen her dress carefully. A plunging neckline to show off her ample breasts. A see-through quality that in the right light would leave just enough to the imagination to stimulate extreme interest. A silky softness to the material to arouse him once she was in his embrace. She chose her perfume equally methodically, knowing that he had a love of lavender with a hint of roses.

"Good evening Count Dracula," she answered the door after his second attempt to use the doorknob to stimulate just the right level of interest.

"Good evening my dear," said the Count. Sarah noted with satisfaction how the Count's ancient, hungry eyes studied her form before noticing the beating pulse of her heart and veins overflowing with blood. His interest in her, a mix of sexual attraction and hunger for her blood. She felt the vampire's hypnotic powers begin to work on her seducing her into an unnatural calm.

That's alright she thought, I know how this ends.

The Count walked in, not waiting to be invited, seizing her in his arms and then, as if deciding he wished first to play with his prey, escorting her towards the dining room where food and wine were already prepared.

"An excellent feast, my dear," he said looking down her cleavage, "I am sure that I shall enjoy the meal."

They chatted a while and enjoyed some of the wine. Sarah was now lost in the Count's presence and she had to fight to suppress the inner voice screaming at her to confess what she had done.

The Count stood and moving to her old vinyl record collection put on some dance music. He chose le Fils de l'Amour for a rhumba.

Then he seized her into his arms and pressing her lithe body and full breasts to himself whirled her around the dance floor. Even though she did not know how to dance the rhumba her body moved to the music completely under his spell. Her hips swaying side to side. She was deeply aroused. When finally the dance came to an end he kissed her passionately crushing her body against his own impossibly hard form and he spoke to her one last time.

"And now my dear comes the end, I do hope you have enjoyed your evening and your last dance. A vampire always gets his loot."

Despite herself, Sarah felt both sexual yearning and fear course through her and her heart beat faster. The Count studied her flushed cheeks, her wide eyes, the heightened beat of her heart, and the blood pumping ever faster in her veins with some satisfaction and plunged his teeth into her neck. He drank deeply but only for a moment. He suddenly withdrew clutching his throat.

"She tastes different..." he gasped, talking to himself.

Dracula's spell on Sarah was broken. She woke from it as if from a dream. She remembered now the priest that had injected a tiny drop of Holy Water into her blood. She looked with some satisfaction at Dracula, knowing what was to come.

Count Dracula's poise was now shattered and anger appeared on his face. He marched towards her determined to kill her, but it was already too late for him. Steam came out of his mouth. His face started melting away as if burnt by sulphuric acid. He literally dissolved in front of her into a pile of clothes and foul-smelling air.

Sarah calmly walked across the room, dabbed her neck, which was almost completely healed with a handkerchief, and then picked up the phone to call the priest.

"It is done, he behaved exactly as you predicted and now the monster is dead," she said.

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