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Funny story/poem about my first trip to Jamaica
Life is a beach or at least on most vacations it is.
Life is never sweeter than when I can lay somewhere on a beach.
My first trip by something other than car was on a plane ride to Jamaica.
Ah, Jamaica for a short while I'll take her and visit and play.
Play on her beaches with a laugh and a happy sway in my steps.
My first time out on your beaches was so lovely.
The experience in the hotel room though how it didn't frighten me at first.
Not being well travel I didn't know that the doors sit higher off the floor.
I also didn't know that visitors from the beach would join you in your suite.
A beach towel can put a stop to this but at the time I just didn't know.
So a nice-sized crabby friend from the beach decided to join me in my suite.
Never having seen one up close in my life he caused me such a fright.
I run from the suite in such horror and fright.
I ran to the front desk and told them my dilemma.
What I was meet with next was loud laughter from the staff.
I was confused and embarrassed and demanded that they get that suite stealer out.
The staff addressed my confusion by saying it's just a crab mama.
They further said they will not hurt you.
I don't care I said trying to keep so of my dignity , I want him out.
Staff removed the pest so I could rest while laughing hilariously.
They also showed me how to put my towel under the door to keep any more visitors out.
I still like the beach nonetheless and would go back again to that sweet retreat.
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