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by Norman
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Political correctness takes a heavy toll
Soon there will be none left.
They’re making up a list.
Poor Porky has that stutter
and Daffy has a lisp.

Pepe has been banned now.
He’s just a horny skunk.
You think they should replace him
with some sequestered monk?

And Elmer has his issues -
a speech impediment.
He’s also bald and angry.
He’s not a gentle gent.

He likes to do his hunting.
Yeah, wabbits are his prey.
They won’t keep him on TV,
he’ll be gone any day.

And Wile E. Coyote
will go with all the rest.
He’ll never catch that bird now,
although he did his best.

Perhaps he’ll have a new job.
You’ll see him at the store
where they sell Acme Anvils.
Well, who would know them more?

Sylvester has a habit
of chasing Tweety bird.
Well, Granny put her foot down.
At least, that is the word.

But what’s a cat to do now?
Just lie around and mope?
I think Tweety will miss him.
I don’t know how they’ll cope.

My Warner Brothers buddies
will all be banned for good.
They represent real people
more closely than they should.

Political correctness
takes such a heavy toll.
We’ll all be neutered mannequins.
That seems to be the goal.

Looney times for Looney Tunes.

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