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The world turned upside down

In my early 30s, I had been having a particularly hard time and was feeling incredibly isolated and lonely. But Ed became a light in the middle of my loneliness. We had met at a parish event and had struck up a conversation after. That led to a budding friendship. Then, over several dinners, we had shared deep discussions and I felt a comforting connection. So, I decided it might be fun to have him over to my place for dinner. And when I invited him, a smile came to his enviably handsome face, and he readily accepted.

He arrived with a bottle of wine, that same handsome smile, and smelling intriguingly wonderful. We hugged, which was always interesting for me because he was so much taller, and then headed to the kitchen to work on the meal. The cooking was full of great conversation and lots of laughter.

And then it happened.

We had done something that had gotten our hands messy and had washed them off. I had the dish towel, dried my hands, then handed it to Ed. He dried his hands and then looked at me with an interestingly intense look. He reached out and wiped something off my cheek. At first, it seemed simply a nice gesture, but then he stepped close to me, put his other hand on the other side of my face and turned my face up to his. Then he bent down and gently put his lips on mine.

It had been so long since another person had touched me so intimately that his touch triggered an intense, instinctual reaction. I was immediately lost in physical sensation and my eyes closed, my lips opened, and I reached around to pull him against me. I felt his gentleness surround me like a warm blanket. I surrendered to the feeling of his hands on my face and then his lips on mine. And as I opened my mouth to his, the clean, earthy taste of him, and then his tongue tentatively exploring my lips and mouth sent intense waves of pleasure and excitement through me. As the kiss continued, I found myself actively kissing back and beginning to explore his mouth with my tongue. The pleasure and emotion surged through me, centered in the pit of my stomach, and radiated down to my crotch.

I'm sure I must have moaned and he broke off the kiss. When I opened my eyes, he was staring deep into them with questions. With my eyes glued to his, I took a deep breath.

"Ohh. Wow! That's never happened to me before!"

"Was it ok for me to do that? I've been wanting to for a while and things just felt right."

"Ohh. Yeah. That was so incredible . . . and such a surprise . . . in so many ways. The idea of kissing a man has never been something I've ever considered. But the way you did that . . . you seemed so sure of what you were doing and you were so gentle. It felt so natural . . . and so good! You are quite the kisser!"

During this speech his arms had gone around my waist and the feeling of being wrapped up in him and being held sent warm waves of pleasure through me. I reached up and put my arms around his neck.

He smiled. "Samuel. I’m sure you know I’m only as good as the person I’m kissing. Would you like me to kiss you again?"

"Mmm. Oh, yes. Please."

He pulled me to him and I put my hands on the back of his head and pulled his face down to mine. As his lips touched mine again, I opened my mouth and we were soon sharing a gentle, but passionate, hunger. Our tongues met and I was again surprised by my feelings. The physical excitement was surprising, but even more surprising was the deep emotional longing. His body against mine was incredibly strong and hard, but there was a gentleness in his passion that gave me a deep sense of comfort and safety. Then, of course, with the way he was holding me against him, it was impossible not to feel his erection pressing against me. And I also realized there was no way he could not feel mine pressing against him.

This time I was not so buried in the sensation and was able to observe a little. Above all, I realized my senses were incredibly heightened and I was amazed at how good all of him felt. His mouth against mine, the way he bit at my lips and explored my mouth with his tongue was every bit as arousing as any of the women I'd been with. The strength of his arms as he held me against him sent electricity running through me. And the reality that this was a man kissing me added an almost taboo thrill.

That thrill was heightened by the reality that my sexual role expectations had been completely up ended. In all my other intimate experiences I had almost always been the taller partner and, even when not, I was the stronger partner. Now, my head was turned up to this taller and stronger man. The strength of his embrace made it clear that, if he so desired, he could pretty much do anything he wanted to me. And the realization of my relative fragility, matched with the obvious care he was giving to the way he held me, added an incredible emotional thrill as I let myself melt into his embrace.

That feeling of surrender and submission to his physical dominance provided the almost overwhelming emotional charge that fueled my incredible sense of arousal. I was soon every bit as hard as I could feel Ed was. Naturally, I began to press myself against him and, feeling me respond, he reached down to my ass and pulled me hard against him. The feel of him, literally, manhandling me just added to the excitement and I broke off the kiss and gave a small groan.

He responded by smiling down at me and then whispering in my ear, "Mmm. You like that, don't you?" Then he pulled me hard against him again. Trying to get my breath back, I could only look up at him and nod. Again, in a low voice in my ear he said, "Mmm. I was hoping so." Then his mouth was on mine again.

After a couple of minutes of this I pulled and pushed myself away, gasping. "Oh, my God, Ed! That is so intense! And I'm buzzing with wanting more of it. But, jeez, if we don't stop, everything is going to burn!"

He didn't completely let me go, but instead started nibbling at my neck and then said into my ear, "Ok. But you think you might want more of this after dinner?"

This time I took his face in mine so I could look him in his eyes. "You didn't hear me just say I'm buzzing with wanting more?" He just smiled and this time I went for his mouth. Then I looked up at him and said, "Oh. My. God! You have just blown my entire world apart. This is going to be so interesting. But we have to get dinner together."

We pulled away from each other and finished dinner prep, although he continued to bite at my neck and reach around to fondle me. From time to time I would turn to him to kiss him and a couple of times when he had his back to me I reached around him to feel his cock. The first time I did so, I leaned into his back and told him, "Mmm. That is so cool! This is the first time I've ever touched a cock other than mine."

"Mmm. I'll bet you're going have fun with it. I'm certainly planning to have fun playing with yours." And he reached behind him to find my cock, which brought an appreciative hum from me.

I took a deep breath, gave him another squeeze, then said, "Ok. Let's eat and talk about all this."

We put out the food and then sat.

"So, what do you want to talk about?"

"Oh, c'mon Ed! Really? You know that for me, this is completely new!”

He smiled, playfully. “Is it really, Samuel? You’ve never kissed someone and fondled someone and wanted to do more with someone?”

I gave him an exasperated look. “Well, of course! But those someones have never been another man!”

“Ok, Samuel. Yes. Not fair. But it’s not all that much different. I mean, has the way we’ve been kissing each other been all that different just because I’m a guy you’re kissing?”

“Um, well . . . Mostly not. And I guess the part that’s different is just the, I’m sorry, ‘taboo’ I’ve been raised with about the idea of kissing a man. I mean, I love the way you kiss me and that’s not really that different from having a woman I feel strongly about kissing me. But I have to admit that there is a little additional thrill from the idea that I’m doing something . . .”

“Mmm. Yes. ‘Taboo.’” He smiled at me. “And I’ll have to be honest. For me there’s a bit of an extra charge from knowing you’re straight and yet you’re still responding to me this way.”

“Ah, hah!” I said teasingly. “So, you get off taking straight guys’ cherries!”

“Mmm. Most definitely,” he said, picking up on the banter. “And I cannot wait to take yours.” He grinned, but then took my hand and kissed my palm. The action was so tender and emotional that my stomach tightened, my cock pulsed again, I sighed, and caressed his face. Then I pulled his face to mine and kissed him and his lips and tongue sent more thrills from my stomach to my crotch.

When we broke off the kiss we both sighed. Then he looked at me intensely. “God, Samuel. I so want to make love with you.”

“Umm. Wow. Make love!”

“What? Did I just freak you out?”

“God, no, Ed! That sent this amazing feeling all the way through me.”

He smiled.

“I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the same way. I know I want to keep kissing you and, especially, have you keep kissing me. And I’m longing to be naked with you and to feel you, naked, against me.

“And I’m still trying to get my head around all of this but I do know I want to feel your hands and mouth on every part of me and I’m actually really turned on by the idea of tasting every part of you.”

“Mmm. Samuel. You are getting me so hard right now!”

“Good!” I gave him a bit of a leer. “But there is one thing I’m a little, um . . .”

“C’mon, Samuel. Just talk.”

I took a deep breath. “Ok. I know that when I’m with a woman and want to make love with her, I want to do all we’ve just been talking about. But I also, um, long to be inside her. So, I’m assuming you’re feeling, um, that?”

“Yes, Samuel. I am feeling that. In addition to all the other ways I want to play with you I do long to be inside you.”

“Oh. Ok. Wow.”

“Are you ok with that?”

“Um, yeah, I think so. It’s so interesting but, yes, Ed. I am ok with that. In fact, hearing you say it like that made me realize that, not only am I ok with it, but that I am longing to feel that.

“I think I said before that you’ve turned my world on its head with the way you kissed me. That moment was so powerful because it opened up this whole other dimension of my sexuality. It felt so good to be . . . I can’t even find the words for this. It felt so good to surrender to you, to your lips on mine. There was something so emotionally . . . liberating about letting go of all the masculine stuff about being in control, about letting you lead. That kiss woke all this stuff inside me about wanting to have you do things to me.

“And when you said you wanted to be inside me, the sexual longing that I usually feel from the pit of my stomach to my cock, spread out and I felt it . . .” I stopped feeling a little embarrassed and very vulnerable.

Ed reached out and took my hands. “C’mon, Samuel,” he said gently. “Tell me. I want to know what you’re feeling.”

My eyes teared and I looked at him. “I’m sorry. This is just so unexpectedly emotional. And I feel that this is emotional for you too. Isn’t it?”

I saw his eyes moisten. “Yes, Samuel. Didn’t you feel it when I kissed you? I’ve been feeling such an emotional pull to you for so long. And the way you responded to me made me feel so good, so wanted. It’s so what I was hoping might happen.”

I smiled at him. “So, you’re not just trying to get in my pants and then fuck me?”

We laughed.

“No, my dear. Well, ok. I do want to get in your pants and, god, I do want to fuck you. But it’s not just.”

“Mmm. Good to hear. And I like how you just called me ‘dear.’ That feels really good. And thank you for telling me what you’re feeling. It makes it easy for me to finish what I was saying. My sexual longing for you has spread from the pit of my stomach, through my cock, and down into my ass. God! Even though I have no idea what it would feel like, I think I want to feel you in my ass!”

He sighed deeply. “And God, how I want to make love to you!”

He got up and came over to me, bent down and kissed me deeply. We both moaned as we kissed. When we broke off the kiss, he pulled me to my feet. His strength as he did so just added to my arousal. Still, I made a weak protest.

“But, Ed! What about the dishes and all the food?”

“We can deal with all that later. Right now, I cannot wait any longer to strip you down and suck you and then fuck you. Is that ok?”

He looked down at me and I could just nod up at him and smile.

“Mmm. Good. Which way is your bedroom?”
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