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Here are the answers - all from the Bible itself
Who was the first person that Jesus revealed that he was the Messiah to?

The Samaritan woman by the well - (John 4.25,26)

Which of the following was NOT a valid reason for an Israelite man to be excused from battle?

If a man had not served in the temple - (Deuteronomy 20.5-8)

How many angels are named in the Bible?

Three - Michael (the Arch-Angel), Gabriel, and Satan (Lucifer)

Under the Mosaic Law, what was the age that boys were to be be circumsized, when vitamin K and Prothrombin were at their safest levels?

The eighth day - these essential clotting agents are not fully present in the body until then.- (Leviticus 12.3)

What name did Pharaoh give to Joseph?

Zaphenath-Paneah - (Genesis 41.45)

What king did the Bible name as the conqueror of Babylon, 200 years before he was born?

Cyrus - (Isaiah 44.28)

Who was “Shiloh” - foretold in the book of Genesis?

Jesus - (Genesis 49.10)

What shape does the Bible describe the earth as?

A "Circle." The word used at Isaiah 40.22 can also be translated "Sphere" or "Globe."

According to Jesus, what would be the identifying sign of his disciples in our time?

Unselfish Love - (John 13.34,35)

Who told the sailors to throw the prophet Jonah overboard?

Jonah told them to do it - (Jonah 1.12)

Which of the following was NOT against the Mosaic Law?

There was no punishment under the law for not paying a Tithe.

Who was also known as Cephas?

Peter - (John 1.42)

What happened every Jubilee year (50th) in Israel?

All slaves were set free and all land was returned to it's rightful owners.

According to the Bible, what happens to the soul when a person dies?

The Biblical word “soul” (Nephesh) does not mean an ethereal living part but, simply the animated body, the living person. The soul dies when the body dies - (Ezekiel 18.4). However, the Bible does promise a "Resurrection" - a coming to life again, when God's Kingdom takes over the earth.

Which of these was the Apostle Paul NOT one of?

Paul was not a Priest.

Which of these did Jesus say he did NOT know?

Jesus did not know the date of judgement day - (Matthew 24.36). It should be noted that some translations, such as the "King James" version, have removed the words "nor the son" from the original Bible text.

What land was Ruth from?

Ruth was from the land of Moab.

Who was the prostitute who washed Jesus' feet?

The Bible does not call this woman a prostitute but rather a "sinner" but the context strongly suggests that she is a prostitute. It is a historical error that people think that Mary Magdalen was a prostitute, there is no such reference about this faithful woman, who was the first person that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection. - (John 20.11-18).

In the book of Revelation, what unusual things are thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur (Hell), along with the Devil?

Death and Hell (Hades) are thrown into the Lake of fire. Many translations confuse the term "Hades" (the common grave) with "Sheol" (the lake of fire). Like most of the descriptions in the book of Revelation, Hell is a symbolic place, not a literal one.

According to the Bible, where is Mount Sinai, where Moses met God?

Despite the many historical traditions that place the mountain in the wilderness between Egypt and Arabia, The Bible is very clear as to the location of Mount Sinai - it is in Arabia itself. (Galatians 4.25).

If you scored less than 5 - "Keep on Seeking and you will find."
If you scored between 5-10, "You have a zeal for God but, not according to accurate knowledge."
If you scored between 10-15, You have a good knowledge of God's word.
If you scored between 15-20, Excellent, you must love the Bible very much!
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