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Part 1 of a K-ON weight gain comic
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

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*Panel 1: The girls have all gathered in the club room and Azusa is somewhat upset. Azusa: “Girls, are we really just going to keep eating when we should be practicing?” The others just look kind of sheepish. Panel 2: Azusa continues: “We really should start focusing on playing more. What if we save the cakes for later? That way, it’ll be even better to earn them.” Panel 3: Only Yui truly looks worried, but the others agree. Mugi: “That’s a good idea, Azusa-chan. Tea time will be a better reward that way.” Mio: “It should help us improve our playing.” Yui: “You’re not taking away our sweets, are you, Azu-nyan?” Panel 4: Azusa: “No, Yui-Senpai, just moving them.” Ritsu: “Yeah, relax, Yui! It’s just a little delay, is all.” Yui nervously accepts: “Okay...”

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Panel 1: Practice goes well enough for a couple of weeks and Azusa is pleased, but then Mugi brings in much more cake to celebrate. *Panel 2: Yui: “Yay, Mugi-chan brought so many sweets!” Mio: “It’s certainly a much larger spread.” Ritsu: “No kidding, what’s the occasion?” Mugi: “We’ve been working so hard lately, I figured we earned a little reward. Plus, Azusa-chan did say it’d be better to earn it.” Panel 3: Azusa is somewhat worried: “That’s true, Mugi-senpai, but this is more than just a little reward.” Yui: “That’s what makes it worth it, Azu-nyan!” Panel 4: The girls all go along with it and start eating. *Panel 5: They leave practice fairly satisfied with bellies peeking out from under their shirts. Yui and Ritsu are especially content and pat their bellies (at least those two pat). Ritsu: “Phew, that was awesome!” Yui: “We should do this every day!” The other girls noncommittally agree with slightly nervous smiles, though they all think something different. Azusa: “Well, that backfired...” Mio: “This might get out of control...” Mugi: “At least they’re happy...” A button pops off either Mugi’s shirt or skirt.

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*Panel 1: Later that night, Azusa joins the Hirasawas and Nodoka for dinner. Nodoka: “So you really think this’ll be good for the club, Yui?” Yui: “Of course, Nodoka-chan! So long as we play, Azu-nyan says we can have all the sweets we want!” Azusa: “That’s not exactly how that works, Yui-senpai...” Ui brings in a tray full of food. Ui: “Hope everyone’s hungry!” Panel 2: The girls’ bellies all rumble, even Azusa and Yui after stuffing themselves not too long ago. Azusa notices Ui has a lot of food even for four people: “Ui-chan, are you sure we need this much?” Ui: “It helps to balance things out with Nee-chan.” Panel 3: The girls dig into the food and Ui talks to Azusa: “It’s great you’ve been helping your club out so much, Azusa-chan. You’re really dedicated, you know.” Azusa: “Just trying to keep everyone on the right track, Ui.” She eats a few bites of dinner. *Panel 4: The girls are full from dinner: Nodoka: “That was great, Ui.” Yui: “She always is!” Azusa sits next to Ui: “I never knew you were such a good cook, Ui-chan...” Ui stays silent and just blushes.
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