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An Afternoon At Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar
The cab ground to a halt in front of Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar [1]

Before the driver could even turn around Anon-Y-Monkey (AYM) had bounded out of the cab, sticking The Grumpy Leprechaun (GL) with the fare — as usual. GL paid the fare, including what he thought was a miserly tip. The driver stared at the four shiny gold coins in his palm before speeding off. [3]

The Bar was cool, lush, and tropical, the smell of hibiscus lending its sweet aroma to the clean freshness of the well-lit establishment. Not at all, at all, what GL was used to! The was no dark wood paneling, no sawdust on the floor fer the brawlin'. Not even the smell of a good Irish Stout to greet his senses. [4]

'Twas to be a business meeting. GL and AYM had much to discuss, and GL was determined to get to the root of AYM's rampant spending habits. Gold coins flew out of the pot at an alarming rate, the GL was wanted a strict account of every single coin! [3]

AYM was already seated, having ordered Banana Daquiries on a tab he opened in the GL's name. GL crossed to the table and sniggered at the cute little umbrella drinks. "Now what is that this concoction supposed to be laddie", tossing the umbrella aside, He in downed the drink in one gulp. [3]

"Easy there Mate," gesturing for another round, "those are a lot stronger than they look."

"So! Now ya gonna' tell a Leprechaun how to drink?

"No, of course not," gesturing for one more for GL, "I'd never get between you and a drink —

"Ya know Monkey," taking smaller gulps now, "these Banana thingys ain't half bad, not at all, at all."

"Uh-huh." Looking for the waiter. "Maybe we should order some food."

"What! Now ya' want te interrupt me drinkin' with food? Stopping the waiter as he walked away, "be bringing us a tray o' these cute little drinks laddie, and to be sure there a gold coin in it fer ya'. Now why are we here An ... Ano ... never could say ya' name — As he drank with a daiquiri in each hand.

"You said you wanted to discuss funding —

"Ahh, thas right, we need to talk about me gold, which you has been spendin' freely and witout proper restraint Laddie.

"You've approved every expenditure —

"After ye've expended it, Laddie. Now stop the shenanigans, why in the name of St. Paddy are there two of ya?"

"Two of!?! Trying to get the next tray of daiquiris away from GL. "Maybe you had enough for today."

"Nonsense!" Are ye sayin' A leprechaun can't hold his tiny umbrellas?"

"You've had quite a few of those and the rum —

"Ahh, thash it – rum! I knew I kenned that flavor from me sailin' days." Doing a dancey twirl as he broke into a jig and a chorus of "What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor"  

The little dance and singin' seemed to tire GL a bit, at least slowin' his drinkin' a bit. "Time for a wee nap Laddie, wake me when the next round comes —"

Anon-Y-Monkey nodded, thinking to himself as he removed the vault ket from the Grumpy Leprechauns belt. "Yep, Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar is gonna work out just fine! [30]

Sentence # 1 = 10,000 Gift Points
Sentences # 2 – # 43 @ 2000 GP's per = 86,000 Gift Points
96,000 Gift Points in all — That's A Lot Of Banana Daquiries For One Little Imp!

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