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What my SCP file would look like
SCP 010883 (TRAV)

Date March 15, 2021

Class Apollyon

Subject has Blue eyes and brown hair, weighing about two hundred and ninety pounds. Subject is about five foot seven inches tall. Subject has below average IQ at one hundred and nineteen. Subject is mentally unstable having a couple mental disorders that are anomalous. These being all inhibitions are let loose while subject is online. Politically subject is registered republican. But views are radically different than any political party in existence. Subject gave away advanced nuclear technology to north Korea in the refining of uranium by gravity. Subject has rudimentary understanding of atomic weapons for below average IQ. Subject sent ideas to US government and NASA for a limited time. Subject wrote various block buster movies.

SCP 010883 has had rumored telepathic powers. Ability to quantum leap. Subject claims to have transferred consciousness into machines. This could be used to destroy entire planet if subject were to launch nuclear weapons or manipulate global financial systems. SCP 010883 is not hostile but has probable ability to write. Subject claims to have been abducted by space aliens multiple times by different species. SCP 010883 claims to have experienced paranormal activity entire life. From demons to cryptids.

SCP 010883 has also experienced changes in time that were not in align with reality. Subject claims Donald Trump was supposed to win election. While also claiming to have traveled to parallel universes. This is accompanied by strange flashes of light.

Subject has also influenced events on a global scale if subject quantum leaped into the bodies of people close to key political figures. While at the same time Subject may have been part of global shadow government with a new world order number of 612 or 666.

Several victims of SCP 010883 may have been killed by accident while subject was dreaming and lost control of dream state. First victim A. was a man driving a car over an over pass on the highway. SCP 010883 was in bed and ended up in unexpected situation with little time to react. Victim B was a female contortionist during Penn and teller act. SCP 010883 did not understand what was going on and did not move out of the way of buzz saw. Victim B was sawed in half. Victim C was a female super model. While dizzy and confused SCP 010883 stumbled while trying to walk. Victim C was killed after falling into the airplane propellers after air plane was stopped but propellers were still spinning. Victim D was man in green shirt during world war two. Spoke English to German soldier and was shot on site. Other victims not mentioned as it may be public embarrassment to various celebrities. From Ronald Reagan and people such as Robin Williams, and Nichole Kidman and other pop stars such as Avril Levine and Weird Al. The list is too long to mention here. Request separate file to be created for these instances. Quantum leaping too dangerous to be allowed for SCP 010883.

Subject claims to have time traveled multiple times. And told Adolf Hitler that he would loose the war. The Russians having fifty thousand units with about twenty three thousand being tanks. While having around five million Russian soldiers. This event may have broke German leadership and their confidence to win world war two.

Subject claims to have traveled to extraterrestrial worlds of unknown species in a dream. And also visiting the floating cities of the Nordic aliens. While also having time traveled to around the year three thousand four hundred. The human race no longer used money. Human race no longer advances and society is not motivated to reproduce or accomplish much of anything. No religions exist in the future. Many claimed that there was a god. But under the current system at the floating cities in the year 3400 no one followed christian denominations. In the future the things one has is determined by the contribution to the greater good of the civilization as a whole. Nets exist all round the floating city to catch people if they fall off the edge. Everything seemed to be run by giant computers that glowed a strange white light. Special radiation suits had to be worn to talk with said computers. Computers talk by some sort of radio to mind communication. Similar to telepathy in the way these machines communicate.

Subject claims that the world was nuked and that some time in the future that the United States would become a desert waste land. Though nothing seems to be pointing to this future. SCP 010883 claims that Joe Biden and his cabinet will weaken the USA to the point that it is no longer relevant on a global stage. This starts with increasing gas prices, higher taxes, and illegal immigration. Then that is followed by the collapse of the Dollar.

The SCP foundation is concerned about some claims by SCP 010883 as subject may inherently cause geopolitical instability by mere existence. One thing is of concern. SCP claims political correctness is a thought virus to work as an anti religion to destroy human race. It seems to be currently succeeding. Class Apollyon is given for some things subjects claims and seems to have done. If true then the subject may make a time anomaly to destroy universe. No containment system would exist to prevent this. If it includes infinite multiverse. This may occur in the year three thousand six hundred and last about four hundred years.

Containment measures do not exist for quantum leaping. It seems to defy all known laws of physics. Keeping SCP 010883 content or happy may be best way to prevent unwanted events of quantum leaping. SCP 010883 is dangerous to him self and others if only subject has contact with unknown variable or is emotionally influenced by negative stress. Drugs were administered to make SCP 010883 to forget. SCP 010883 soon became drug resistant. It is unknown how adaptive subject is. But if subject is killed it may find new host by quantum leaping. Virtual reality containment suggested for Subject. Warning objects may quantum leap from one reality to another by unknown means by some unknown mechanism of SCP 010883 while in virtual reality.

Update: March 17 2021, Urgent SCP 010883 has affected reality. Other SCP creatures have gone missing from containment chambers. These SCP creatures have been found in the virtual reality of SCP 010883. It seems the subject is removing SCP monsters or creatures from reality and moving them into the virtual world. Unknown effects on subject increase stress levels. Missing SCP 096 shy guy found in virtual reality containment. SCP 902 the lead box wound up in virtual reality simulation. SCP 682 found in virtual reality containment of SCP 010883. SCP 055 also moved from site classified into virtual reality. SCP 2521 found in virtual reality. SCP 106 dissipated from site classified to appear in the simulation. SCP 087 found in containment of scp 010883. SCP 176 left enclosure at site classified for the simulation. SCP 035 quantum teleported into the simulation. SCP 700 quantum digitized into simulation. These notes are kept brief due to the nature of SCP 010883. Objects may or may not swap realities at random based on SCP 010883 stress levels caused by transfer of other SCP objects to site classified. Once in the simulation the SCP may be permanently trapped in the simulation as it is converted to data. Currently most dangerous SCP objects were deleted while in simulation. While at the same time deletion of dangerous SCP would lower stress levels of SCP 010883.

Update: Urgent, All information in this event is redacted. SPC 010883 is now classified from now on due to this one incident. As of now SCP 010883 has classified and turned into a classified. Any further information is kept at site classified on SCP 010883. It may be just a precaution but risk of SCP escaping is classified due to anomalous high voltage. Subject may or may not cooperate with the SCP foundation after this event. After event classified SCP 010883 panicked after finding out that they were classified and tried escape site classified. Subject was apprehended after bringing into existence a virtual person from the simulation. Continued containment currently in effect.

SCP 010883-1 A person that was a virtual character from the simulation was brought into existence. The person seems human in every way conceivable. Data was converted into matter and organs and tissues with memories from the simulation. Individual is fully human having DNA and cells, and chromosomes, tissues and so on. All test check normal. No anomalous matter or effects. SCP 010883-1 is a very kind and a very friendly person. This person exhibits very mild temper and has good sense of humor. Individual agreed to help with small task around site classified. She seems to be well educated and has a masters degree. SCP 010883-1 is currently on research staff.
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