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by Ranuix
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Second and final part of my short fanfic
*Rule of Rose is a horror game of the 2006. The game is not mine, all rights are of Sony.*

Jennifer woke up slowly, with the awful smell of dirty socks still in her nostrils, and blinking a couple of times she realized where she was: it was the orphanage room where those little girls and boys in the spells gathered and used as Club room of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. Usually when Jennifer woke up there she was either to be promoted or downgraded, from what Olovia told her last night, it seems that this time she would be getting more humiliating treatment than usual .... After 5 minutes of waiting in the dark, the girls arrived and lit the candles. Meg the bespectacled opened the club book and announced aloud: "Ladies of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, aristocrats and servants, tonight we are gathered here to continue the punishment of the dirty girl and to make her understand her place in the world, that is, under our feet! "Jennifer opened her eyes wide, incredulous at what Meg was saying, and she continued: " But the queen of the red rose was merciful, and therefore by decision of the baroness (me), the duchess Diana and the countess Eleanor, the aforementioned girl dirty will be subjected to three tests: As a first test she will have to smell the shoes and feet of all the aristocrats and servants, if she coughs or tries to turn her face away because of the stench she will fail the test; As a second test she will have to bear the weight of each of us on her whole body shamelessly, if she moans or sheds a tear she will fail the test; As a third and final test she will have to lick and clean the feet of all females thoroughly, if she vomits, spits or refuses to swallow all the dirt down in her stomach she will fail; If the dirty girl passes the tests she will be a member of the rule of rose again, but if she fails even one then she will be declassified as a footslave forever and will have to clean the feet of all the females and do everything they order. . That's it, let the rehearsals begin! "

Jennifer took a deep sigh and prepared to face the first test. The girls took off their shoes one after the other and lined them up in front of Jennifer. Jennifer booted into Diana's boots, and by poking her nose in and breathing deeply she was already in danger of jumping off due to the stench, it was a strong sour smell of sweat hitting her nostrils, but Jennifer smelled the first and the second boots and moved on Meg and Eleanor's shoes. Luckily theirs had only a slight cheesy smell that didn't bother her too much. Then he switched to Amanda's baggy shoes and almost ran away in disgust, they smelled the same garbage in the sun mixed with a bucket of rancid sweat. Barely holding back her tears, Jennifer sniffed her shoes and continued; Susan and Olivia's shoes were smelly but never as smelly as Amanda's. The first test had been passed. Meg announced: "Let the second test begin! Dirty girl, take off all your clothes and lay on the ground with your stomach in the air!"

Jennifer did as she was told, and began to undress under the mocking looks and jokes of the little girls and when she was completely naked she lay down on the ground. The girls lined up and took turns stepping on Jennifer's body. Diana walked over her and with a mischievous smile began to scratch and massage her vagina with her toes, which irritated and excited Jennifer who had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. Meg simply paced back and forth on Jennifer's belly, trampling with a little force from time to time. Eleanor Balanced on the girl's face, and told her to stay still for 5 minutes; as much as the smell of her feet and the weight on his face hurt her a little, Jennifer resisted, while Eleanor giggled as she watched. Susan and olivia who were the smallest and weighed little began to trample and pull the girl's loose hair with their feet, soiling them with dirt and sweat. Finally it was Amanda's turn, who landed with a jump on Jennifer's stomach making her miss the air, then the plump girl put her feet on Jennifer's tits for ten minutes who gritted her teeth as hard as possible not to scream of pain, when Amanda got off Jennifer's breasts were swollen and purple. "Now it's time for the third and final test!" Meg announced. "Dirty girl: lick and clean our feet!" Jennifer began the last test starting from Diana's feet. The dirty girl ran her tongue up and down on the soles of the sadistic girl's feet who said: "This job suits you very dirty girl, I think when you are done, if you have lost or even if you have won I will always call you toejam girl! Hihihi. " Jennifer refrained from retorting and stepped at Meg and Eleanor's feet who ordered her to hold her tongue out and steady while they rubbed their feet over it like a toe rag. Then it was Susan's turn, who had slightly dirty and sweaty feet but not too bad. Then there were Amanda's broad, calloused feet, who said "Open your mouth Jennifer I want to see how far my foot goes!" The girl did as ordered, and Amanda, laughing nervously, slipped one of her feet into her mouth, letting half of it enter, while the dirt and sweat stained the poor girl's mouth. After doing this with the other foot it finally fell to Olivia, who smilingly presented her soles to Jennifer, who nearly fainted. Olivia's feet were very black, full of mud and dirt, and she also glimpsed a strange foul-smelling liquid joining the sweat. Olivia said, "As you can see I kept my word dirty girl, i've walked around the yard and the orphanage barefoot, and then I went to get some rotten tomatoes that I stepped on repeatedly. Come on now, clean up!"

The poor girl felt her stomach turn, and after running her tongue a couple of times over the little girl's soles and toes, I vomit on the ground. Meg then said, "The three tests are over and the dirty girl has failed. Congratulations Jennifer, from now on you will be forever called Toejam girl and you will serve the feet to all the females in the orphanage!" That said the girls burst out laughing as Jennifer burst into tears .... From that night onwards Jennifer had to always be on all fours when she was close to the girls, and she always had to sniff and lick their feet when they told her to, she had to act as a footrest for the princess of the red rose when there were meetings, all 'mealtime always had to eat the food after it had been smashed and spread on the soles of Amanda or Olivia's feet and at night she had to go to sleep in the janitor's room at the orphanage, with which she had made arrangements with the girls. While the woman was resting after the work day Jennifer had to stay all night with her face tied to the soles of the mature woman's feet sniffing the stink or with her toes in her mouth, or she had to keep her stockings in her mouth. nylon used for a week by the woman and wash them with saliva. And that was how Jennifer spent her life trapped in the ghost orphanage.
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