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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2246541
Second part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 4

Panel 1: The girls look slightly fatter after about a week of extra gorging, their appetites increased by the sugar of the cake. Sawako joins the girls as advisor and wants in on the cake: “You girls don’t mind providing your mentor with some of this cake, do you?” Mugi: “Not at all, Sawako-sensei! There’s plenty for all of us!” Azusa thinks to herself: “I knew Yamanaka-sensei wouldn’t be able to resist.” Panel 2: Yui convinces Nodoka to partake: “Here, Nodoka-chan, you’ll love this one!” Nodoka is only there to settle things with Ritsu: “I’m a little busy, Yui, but I guess I could take a piece.” Azusa thinks: “Nodoka-senpai, too?” Nodoka ends up staying the whole time. *Panel 3: The girls once again leave full and reasonably happy, while other girls notice as they walk by. Ushio Ōta: “The Light Music girls always look like they’re having a good time.” Keiko Iida: “I think they bond a lot over cake.” Panel 4: Nobuyo Nakajima: “Betcha we’d get a bit closer if we bonded that way.” The trio walk off to have some food of their own. *Panel 5: Ushio, Keiko and Nobuyo sit stuffed and satisfied after filling up on burgers, with Eri Taki and Akane Satō looking on. Panel 6: Eri and Akane fill up themselves and giddily bloat their bellies with cola. Mugi watches all of the girls with interest.

Page 5

*Panel 1: The girls look more noticeably fatter after around two weeks with bellies peeking out and blazers and shirts no longer buttoning. They’re seen walking down the halls after another meeting. Other girls have taken notice and are also looking fatter. Panel 2: Azusa: “I still think the chocolate cream cake was a bit too much for today, Mugi-senpai.” Mugi: “But we all loved it. Did you see how Yui-chan’s face lit up?” Yui happily licks her lips and pats her larger belly as a button pops off her skirt. One also pops off Mugi’s skirt. Panel 3: Ritsu gives Mio’s belly a pat: “Mio seemed pretty excited about it, too.” Mio: “Please stop, Ritsu. But you’re right, it was my favorite sweet of the day.” Panel 4: The older girls head off to Mio’s house while Azusa meets up with Ui and Jun. Azusa’s thoughts: “Ui-chan’s gotten fatter, too. Even Jun-chan is kind of chubby now.” Ui: “You still coming to dinner, Azusa-chan?” Azusa: “Sure thing, Ui, but you’ll go easy on the desserts, right? I’m still a little full from the club.” Azusa pats her belly. Panel 5: Jun puts her arm around a nervous Azusa’s shoulders: “But what fun is dinner without dessert?” Azusa’s thoughts: “That’s what I’m afraid of, Jun-chan.” Ui’s thoughts: “I hope my latest recipe will change her mind.”

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Panel 1: Jun and Azusa stuff themselves with Ui. Jun lays back satisfied, nearly in a food coma with a stuffed belly. Azusa helps Ui clean up: “Thanks again for dinner, Ui. It was delicious.” Ui has a blushing smile on her face: “Of course, Azusa-chan, anytime!” Panel 2: Ui pulls out a torte: “While you’re still here, I was hoping you could taste something for me!” Azusa looks nervous. Her thoughts: “Oh no, more cake. I have to let her down gently.” Her speech: “I don’t know, Ui-chan, like I said, I wanted to cut back on the sweets a little. *Panel 3: Ui puts on a sad, pleading face. Her thoughts: “I hope Nee-chan’s begging tips work.” Her speech: “Pleeease, Azusa-chan? It’s just this one torte...” Panel 4: Azusa smiles nervously as she accepts: “Okay, I’ll try it!” Ui has a slight grin on her face, too. *Panel 5: Azusa happily eats the torte and gives a thumbs up to Ui. Jun notices from the other room: “Hey, Ui, you have any more of those?” Panel 6: Ui fetches a plate with them and the three eat in the living room. She smiles dreamily at Azusa. Her thoughts: “I knew Azusa-chan would love it.” None of the girls notice their bellies expand and pop open their skirts.
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