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This was one of the prompts from my writing group. I thought that this was good.
Frying bacon was a favorite pastime on the farm when there were pigs around. It's quite interesting when the smell of bacon is frying and the aroma entices you to come to the breakfast table and the pigs are following right behind you. Now you ask, "Why on earth would they succumb to that when they know that they may be the next meal? Are they not using their brain or is it because they enjoy seeing everyone at the table as being happy?

Piglets are the cutest little things I ever did see. Their little tails are wound around doing their little wiggly dance; this is guaranteed to help you smile; you just can't help yourself. Piglets delight the senses of your eyes to enable the drama that comes along with the squeals of merriment, beginning with the tales of long ago.

Can you imagine when you're frying bacon, that the pigs all come running when they hear their old familiar call of, "Here Suey Suey, Here Suey Suey? They may want to join in the familiar game of Bacon Bacon, whose got the bacon? Bacon Bacon, who's frying bacon? It could be you or it could be me, who could it be? The mystery can only be solved by none other than the one who's frying the bacon.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, March 14, 2021
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