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A fairytale, just not mine

“Your Fairy-tale”

All those pretty words echoing in my mind,

Brainwashing me into some false made up wonderland Of Lies.

I didn’t wish for this nor did I want it.

But like a pumpkin carriage after midnight, It’s came to light that this was your ideal fairytale all along.

Using me as your servant like I was a worthless peasant, until you found your true knight in shinning armor.

Making me feel increasingly less than what I really am.

Tearing me down slowly along the way,

Taking with you all the things you once said you loved about me so many years ago.

Making me question my own actions, wishes, and even my own sanity.

Leaving me feeling like I was the one in the wrong when I did everything right.

Haven’t you read the fairytales? Well, don’t you know that what goes around comes around?

Don’t you know you must pay for your wrongs at some point?

I’ll build my own fairytale and it’ll be just that, A fairytale.

Just make sure when you tell yours,

Hell go ahead and say I was the villain, you may as well.

But, just know you’ll look like no hero, nor a victim like you’d like to think.

One thing I am sure of is that,

Your time will come.

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